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Are you a designer looking to include custom closets or storage systems as part of your offerings? Then partnering with Closet Solutions in Toronto is the right choice! We offer many popular styles and finishes, can build to your exact specifications and provide turn-key solutions that anyone can install with amazing results. If you are looking for closet solutions in Toronto, there is no better choice than Closet Solution.

Become a Dealer

Become a Dealer

Our high-quality products are in demand and we need great partners to help us grow. Becoming a Closet Solution dealer means you have access to our entire network of production, marketing and sales tools:

  • Top-notch goods and services for a fast-growing industry
  • Comprehensive support and training to help you reach your goals
  • Everything you need to get started - business cards, a personal phone number, the latest marketing tools and custom design software that makes the process easy

Become a Franchise

If you are already installing these types of products on your own, becoming a franchisee is a smart option. You keep providing your existing great service, and we enhance your capabilities with additional support.

  • Expert marketing tools to find new customers and help grow your business
  • Unique and innovative design ideas that can be customized to your client’s individual style and taste./li>

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today at (877) 583-9317 ext. 101 to learn more about partnering with an industry leader in custom closets and storage solutions.

We can help you facilitate your customers

We are prepared to help you design a closet that your customers can be proud of.

We aim to match your effort step-by-step with our commitment to a high quality product.





 We understand what you require
to design the perfect closet


Let our resources and expertise give you
the tools to do your job easier



  • We offer franchising options for you to utilize our expertise
  • We leave your customers to you, but give you the tools to go above and beyond for them
  • Our 3D models give you confidence in what your design will look like during production

Let us help you

Contact us today and find out what services or products we have available that would help make your daily business life a little easier. When designing a closet for your customer, you should make sure you are leveraging all of the assistance available to you. We are the closet experts, and we understand what you require to bring a high quality finished closet from scratch to finished design. 

Let us help you design better closets