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10 Decorating Tricks for Your Small Living Room
10 Decorating Tricks for Your Small Living Room
September 08, 2016

If you have a small living room and in the near future, you do not plan to move into a larger flat, ClosetSolution’s advices will be very useful for you. In fact, there are several tips that will help you make your room look larger. Surely, these recommendations will not substitute a big flat, but such tips will help you visually enlarge a living room.


  1. Choose Light Color Palette

Try to select light wall papers and light carpets. Such light and soft hints will make the room look more spacious and cozy.


  1. A Mirror on the Wall

Select a mirror, which will fit to the design of the room and hang it on the wall. With this, at first gaze, inconspicuous accessory, your room will look larger and the space will be airier.


  1. Choose Metallic Accessories

Metallic accessories have the same effect as mirrors have. They reflect light and make the space brighter.


  1. Use Floating Shelves

Such accessories offer not only the additional storage space but make the look of the room not so cluttered as well.


  1. Corners are not the Dead Zone

We frequently do not use corners as an additional storage space. However, you can put a cozy arm-chair, shelve or bookshelf there. In doing so, the corner will be used effectively and the room will not look cluttered.


  1. Make the Windows Look Larger

Do not install the curtain rods above the window frame. In doing so, your small window will look smaller. Install a curtain rod just below the ceiling.  This tip will help you expand the window and make the living room look larger.


  1. The Same Color of the Curtains and the Walls

Such combination of colors creates an unbroken line. This simple trick will make your living room more spacious.


  1. Avoid Bulky Furniture Pieces

Always prefer small items to bulky furniture pieces and you will enlarge the look of your room.


  1. Use Multi-Purpose Accessories.

Use your bench to store books when you do not sit there. A TV set can stand on the ottoman and so on. Though this is not always convenient, but such tips save space.


  1.  Buy Furniture with Additional Storage

This is a simple trick, which allows you to avoid chaos in your living room. Choosing a coffee table, select the one, which has a shelf below. An ottoman should also have an additional place to store things there. Following this advice, you will buy a multi-purpose furniture item.


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