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3 Organizational Closet Trends to Inspire You
3 Organizational Closet Trends to Inspire You
January 08, 2019

These days newer construction homes feature at least one walk-in closet usually located in the master bedroom. Even smaller 1-bedroom condos offer walk-in closets. Walk-in closets are a great amenity to have – especially for those of us who enjoy a little more retail therapy than others. However, figuring out how to organize your walk-in may prove to be difficult – especially if your walk in doesn’t offer organizational fixtures for you to sort your cherished clothing and accessories. Luckily there are an array of walk-in closet organizers in Toronto that can offer you a tailored-made solution based on contemporary trends.


The following are a few closet organizational trends you could incorporate in your own closet transformation:


Say Goodbye to Old-School Dressers

Dressers were initially made for bedrooms that did not offer any closet space – so if you already have a walk-in closet, a dresser might not make sense for you. Instead, opting for built-in closet solutions such as shelving, drawers, and racks would maximize the use of closet space. Installing unique fixtures such as a belt rack, LED Rod, or jewelry insert drawer are a few examples of ways in which you can make your closet space unique based on your needs. Using services like walk-in closet organizers in Toronto would streamline the installation process – allowing you to not have to worry about the logistics of setting everything up.


Elevate with White Finishes

The minimalist, monochromatic design is a main-stay in current interior design trends. Opting for clean white finishes, natural tones and textures, and functional yet chic interior components offers an aura of simplicity and peacefulness in an otherwise busy and dead-line oriented lifestyle. Walk-in closets are no exception – many homeowners have selected bright white finishes that give the impression of freshness and cleanliness.


Functionality Over Everything

Using walk-in closet organizers in Toronto offers a function of versatility to homeowners. Re-purposing fixtures for other types of clothing and/or accessories allows your closet to grow with your clothing collection. Whether it’s adding a new rack for a new set of ties, or adjusting shelves to accommodate for your growing number of designer jeans – your closet solution shouldn’t be a one-time organizational solution, it should be a timeless one.



Love the minimalist trend!
Posted by: Samantha | January 8, 2019, 3:12 pm
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