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3 Popular Options from the Professional Organizer, Closet solutions
3 Popular Options from the Professional Organizer, Closet solutions
May 28, 2018

If you are looking to add a little more organization to your life, the best place to start is your closet. With a professional closet organizer in Toronto, you can make your storage space clutter-free, more functional and beautiful.


A closet organizer in Toronto can help you identify what the different types of closet and organization is best suited for your home. This will make it easy to make an informed decision within budget and without major renovations.


Here are three popular options for amazing closet organization:


Option 1: Reach-in Closet

This closet usually has a width of only about 3 - 8 feet and a depth of 24 - 30 inches. It’s typically found in bedrooms of older houses, children’s rooms and hallways. Reach-in closets used to have limited storage organizers but with some clever help and practical options from a closet organizer in Toronto they can be ideal for easy storage. These practical options include adjustable wire mounting systems, stackable storage units such as drawers and cube organizers, double-tiered hanging systems, and hooks or over door racks and pockets.  


Option 2: Wardrobes, Armoires and Wall Units

In case you don’t have enough space in your closet, wardrobes, armoires and wall storage units provide enough storage in the underutilized areas in your home. They provide drawers and inserts to store and organize stuff such as ties and scarfs, socks, and more. A free-standing organizer with hanging bars and drawers is also an ideal solution to lack of space. They can incorporate drawers and cubbies for folded clothing, essentials, toys, books, and winter clothes.


Option 3: Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets provide the most depth and space. They have lots of storage capacity and options for style. A walk-in closet can be big or can be a few square feet. While it can provide ample space for a vanity or dressing area, you still have to considerate how to maximize the entire storage area while accomplishing the style you want. With a range of storage, lighting and display and decoration options, we can help you maximize the space to make a stunning room.


Whatever is your closet need, you can reach out to the experts at Closet Solution. Our professional team can help you find the style and organization best suited to your needs. With the help of the right closet organizer in Toronto you can make the closet of your dreams!


Contact Closet Solutions today to learn more or to request a consultation!

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