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How to Prepare for a Complete Closet Organizational Overhaul
How to Prepare for a Complete Closet Organizational Overhaul
December 19, 2018

Are you sick of attempting to go through your messy closet in search of something to wear in the morning? Then you might want to consider making a radical change and ensue the help of professionals. Toronto closet organizers are here to help!

The preparation process is simple. The first thing for you to do is to evaluate and prepare for complete change. Begin by setting certain organizing goals for this project, such as organizing for visual appeal or to simply get rid of items you no longer wear and/or use. The best advice is to keep the “in-season clothing” in the master closet – then search for other places to store “out-of-season” items such as in the basement, or under your bed.

Toronto closet organizers offer multiple services and types of utility based on your unique organizational need.

  • Every closet is different but before you proceed, you should do a preliminary sort and purge of your clothing into casual, work, and dress wear by item type. Don’t forget to have “relocate” and “repair” bins nearby as you go through each item in your closet. Once you have everything sorted into their categories, you’ll see that you have more jeans than you actually wear on a weekly basis. It might be best to say goodbye to clothing items you don’t wear – especially items that no longer fit you or have gone out of style.
  • After you have categorized and downsized all the items, it’s time to step back and examine the entire organizing space your closet has to offer. Work out where each of the clothing categories will reside in your closet and what tools and systems to use in storing and organizing items. Don’t forget to make the most of your space by taking advantage of unutilized vertical space along the walls and the back doors of your closet space.


No job is too big for professional Toronto closet organizers like Closet Solutions – your number one choice for all your wardrobe organization needs. We are your source for beautiful custom closets that are arranged based on your personal needs. Enjoy picking out what to wear in the mornings again – let Closet Solutions assist you in realizing your close organization dreams!

Thanks for the great tips! Love the mentioning of using underutilized space!
Posted by: Samantha | December 19, 2018, 6:52 pm
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