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5 Space-Saving Organization Ideas If You Don't Have a Closet Room
5 Space-Saving Organization Ideas If You Don't Have a Closet Room
September 05, 2016

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of a closet room. Those, who have enough space in their apartments and have a closet room to store things there, are really happy people. Unfortunately, not every person is the owner of big apartments. Living in a small flat, every person constantly looks for space-saving organization ideas. Every centimetre of the room should be used effectively.

  1. Use the Doors

 Even if you live in a small flat, you have closets there. The doors of your bedroom or kitchen closet can be used rather effectively. Such doors allow you to create more storage place. You just need to buy hooks, nail them down and keep scarves, jewelry or belts there.

  1. Loft Your Bed

This tip is useful for those who are the owners of small apartments (you do not live in rented accommodation). You can create a closet area underneath a loft. This is an excellent opportunity to use the vertical space effectively. In doing so, you will have more free space in a room and all your things will be stored in order.

  1. Use Chains or S-Hooks

Frequently people forget about such issue as vertical space. In fact, this is a great opportunity to save space. If your closet doesn’t allow you to store all your clothing items, you can use chains or s-hooks. Just fix the chain to the rod and hang there so many angular frames as you wish.

  1. Use Old Shoe Boxes

We frequently throw away old shoe boxes. However, they can be rather useful. You can use them as drawer organizers. This idea will be useful for those, who either live in rented accommodation or want to save cash on drawers.

  1. Use Shower Curtain Rings

This advice will be helpful for the owners of a big collection of scarves or belts. Fix curtain rings to the angular frame and all your scarves will always be kept in one place.

As you see, if to come down to the point rationally, even in a small flat you can find space to store things in order.

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