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7 Awesome Design Trends That Inject A Little Pizzazz Into Your Closet
7 Awesome Design Trends That Inject A Little Pizzazz Into Your Closet
April 27, 2018

Closet design in Toronto has matured significantly over the years. And it has kept pace with modern fashion and accessory trends.


For anyone designing a closet for the first time it comes as a shock the level of customization that is possible and the convenient touches that can be added.


But don’t be overwhelmed, closet design in Toronto is meant to be accessible and our designers guide you throughout the process. In this article we look at some closet design ideas that add a little pizzazz and bring newfound convenience to your life.


  • Twin hanging – This is one trend that looks like it’s going to stay. Why waste an entire length of hanging on just a short blouse or shirt. Twin hanging in part of the closet is a great way of sorting out those shorter items, while longer items like dresses and suits can be given their own dedicated full-length space. Saves you wrinkles and is more accessible.


  • Fold out ironing board – An ironing board incorporated right into the closet is such a tremendous convenience, you’ll wonder how managed without it. Either folded into the closet or on a sliding mechanism at a convenient height, it can save you a lot of space and time.


  • Slide out hanging – Another useful feature is the slide out hanging rod. Instead on the closet’s walls, the hanging rod is mounted on rails, allowing it to be pulled out as required. It makes it much easier to put clothing on and take it off.


  • Tie and belt racks – Tie and belt racks can be attached on to the closet door (where they are static) or on a movable railing affixed to the wall of the closet. It’s a great time saver and keeps your accessories wrinkle free and easy to reach.


  • Closet island – A useful design choice for walk-in closets, a closet island (a work top) is an effective way of giving a spacious feel to the closet. A bench to keep things on, cupboard storage and a classy touch, what’s not to like about a closet island.


  • Valet rods – These are gaining traction in mainstream closet design. A small rod or a small pull-down or pull-out hangar, these are extremely versatile hanging points. In its simpler forms, a valet rod be mounted on a railing attached to an inner wall and be pulled out when required.


  • Lighting – LED lighting solutions are so versatile and energy efficient that one can use a hardwired or battery operated solution in any closet. Motion or light sensing, closet lighting is a useful feature, which, once experienced, will become a must have feature for all your closets.
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