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7 Furniture Problems You Can Fix Yourself
7 Furniture Problems You Can Fix Yourself
August 03, 2016

7 Furniture Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Sooner or later your chairs, closets, sofas or other types of furniture get broken. However, not always there is a necessity to send for a person, who can fix it. Surely, if you have a desire and financial ability, you can buy new furniture, but not everyone will follow this advice. There are some furniture problems, you can fix by yourself and there is no need to call for a professional.

1.      Loose Rungs of your Chair

As the years go by, chairs may be used up. Sometimes chairs have loose rungs and this problem you can fix by yourself. Just remove the old glue and re-glue them together. In this case, you have to choose a good wood glue.

2.      Wobbly Chairs

It is dangerous to sit on a wobbly chair. If you see that gluing doesn’t work, you should use right-angle corner braces. You can purchase them in any home improvement supermarket. Buying them, choose only those that will match the color of your chair. Then you just need to add this brace to the place where the leg meets the seat.

3.      Broken Drawer Corners

Generally, manufacturers make dresser drawers using thin pieces of lumber. Sometimes dovetail corners may come apart. To fix it you have to remove the nails from the corners and remove the remaining old glue. Then take a new wood glue, reassemble the corner and clamp the drawer.

4.      A Veneer Covering

As the years go by, the veneer comes loose. If this occurs, you also may cope by yourself. First, clean it out. To squirt wood glue under the veneer, you can use a syringe. Your next step is to press it down.

5.      Uneven Table

If you have problems with table legs or one of them is shorter than the other one, you can fix it by yourself. Besides, this furniture problem is considered to be the easiest one. To eliminate this problem, you need to use glides. The cost of the glides is approximately $2. Your next step is to measure the size of the gap between the floor and the short leg. You can lengthen the size of the shorter table leg by dint of a glide. The glide can be fixated to the table leg with a nail.

6.      Busted Handles

Sometimes the screw holes in wooden handles become stripped. If this occurs, you cannot tighten the handle. To eliminate this problem, you must fill the holes with wood putty, drill a pilot hole and reattach the handle.

7.      To Decorate the Scratches

Scratches on a dinner table are a normal thing. To decorate them you always may use markers or fillers. However, in this case you need to choose the color, which matches the color of the table. It is not always easy. If you wish to get an ideal color, you need to choose a paste filling wax. Its average cost is $6. You should choose the one, which is close to the color of your furniture.

We hope that all these tips will be very useful for those, who prefer not to pay money for minor furniture problems.






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