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7 Tips To Make Your Room Brighter
7 Tips To Make Your Room Brighter
August 10, 2016

Unfortunately, not every room in your house has enough light. Nevertheless, enough light in your room is the main source of good mood. If you reveal stress, you are just tired or feel cranky, a light room can put you in a cheerful frame of mind. So, in this review we are to show you what to do in case your room is dark and you wish to make it brighter.

  1. Find Dark Areas in your Room

In most instances, dark furniture makes the whole look of your room darker. Try to select brighter closets or wardrobes. Except for the furniture, you may have dark paint color scheme or a very small window. So, look at your room very attentively and if there are dark and bulky furniture, dark or multicolored wallpapers try to substitute them by furniture or wallpapers of light colors. Besides, if there is an opportunity, you can make your window bigger.

  1. Add More Lighting Fixtures to the Ceiling

Mostly, some rooms have dark ceilings. Surely, it is not cheap to make a total renovation of your room. However, you can buy more lighting fixtures. In doing so, you will make your room brighter. Installing a dimmer switch, you will have a versatile lighting control.

  1. Try to Add More White Color to the Room Design

Surely, it is almost impossible to make the whole room absolutely white. However, if you wish to add warmth to the room décor, you can combine warm colors with white.

  1. Try to Balance Dark and Light Colors in Your Bedroom

Speaking about bedrooms, it stands to mention that this room is yours. So, working on the design of the whole room you have to take into account your wishes. Try to create a contrast between dark and light. If you have dark wallpapers, bed-clothes should be white. Other accessories should also be of white color.

  1. Bright Your Dark Closets

The room where you keep your closets is the darkest one in the whole house. However, there is also a way out. Such lighting fixtures as pendant lights can add illumination to the dressing areas. Besides, add mirrors where it is possible to add them.

  1. Never Curtain Off the Windows

The window in a room is the only source of light. So, to curtain it off is a crime. Surely, you can décor it – add only white curtains. The modern market offers you a huge choice.

  1. Light Reflection

As a rule, all points of light reflect themselves. So the texture of the walls and the surrounding objects influences on the level of reflection. For instance, glazed surface reflects light better than mat one. The same rule can be applied to light and dark surfaces. The more opportunities for reflection you offer, the lighter result you will get.

For instance, if you take away a carpet fringe, your room will become really brighter. So, decide beforehand what objects you want to stay in your room and then think about the ways to make them lighter.

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