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Closet Organizers in Toronto: 6 Must-Have Items to Transform Your Closet
Closet Organizers in Toronto: 6 Must-Have Items to Transform Your Closet
August 23, 2018

Nothing feels more rewarding than walking into your closet and finding the item you want on the first look. Unfortunately, many still find organizing a closet as a daunting task that has been put off for too long. Sometimes, closets become so messy that it feels like it is too late.

However, it is never too late to start organizing. As your closet organizers in Toronto, we can help you face your closet organizing fear. You can transform your closet with our expert organizers and 6 must-have items.

Staying organized can be hard, that’s why Closet Solution is here to help! As the leading closet organizers in Toronto, we can transform any space to be functional and gorgeous.

  1. Velvet hangers: This style of hanger is best for preventing delicate clothing from stretching or slipping off. Velvet hangers are thin but strong enough to hang your coats and dresses. Quick tip: organize hanging items by colour to make them look more attractive and organized.
  2. Storage boxes: Clear bins or storage boxes are great storage option for a gorgeous shoe collection. Not only are they ideal for organization, but they also offer protection for your footwear. Clear bins are also perfect for storing seasonal wardrobe.
  3. Shelf hanging organizer: These closet organizers are perfect for organizing smaller closets and storage spaces with limited shelving. Stacking folded sweaters in them will help prevent them from stretching. Hanging organizers can also be used for shoes.
  4. Hanging jewelry organizer: This item is best for you if you have a lot of necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, which can get tangled when stored inside a jewelry box. This also allows your jewelry to stand out.
  5. Bag hooks: If you have a lot of bags, whether it be backpacks, gym bags, purses, or reusable grocery bags, bag hooks are a fantastic way to save closet space.  This will allow your bags to still be visible and easy to grab and go.
  6. Acrylic shelf dividers: These items are great to make existing shelves efficient and organized. They are simple to use and will help you maximize the storage space by ridding of any bulky baskets. They easily fit on your shelves and work amazing in keeping your clothing in order.

At Closet Solution, we are your trusted closet organizers in Toronto and across the GTA. We are committed to providing high-quality products that exceed all expectations. A custom closet can be around the corner, call or email us today and we can get started on transforming your space that reflects your style.

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