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Colors That Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger
Colors That Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger
October 10, 2016

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast with a huge and spacious flat. However, it doesn’t mean that you should live in a small and cluttered room to the last gasp. If you cannot change the place of living, you can make the renovation of your apartment. In doing so, you will change the look of the room and make it look bigger.

In this review, we have gathered several recommendations, concerning choosing the color of the room. If handled properly, one can choose the correct color palette and make a small space feel bigger. A simple change of color cuts a conspicuous figure in a room design.  

  1. Blue Hues

Painting the walls of your living room in the deep Mediterranean blue and choosing the carpet of the same color, you will make a room more spacious. This hue unifies the space. Furthermore, it blows out the boundaries. Choosing this color to paint the wall, you will forget about the size of this room.

  1. Super White

This is the simplest solution to make a space feel larger. White color reflects the light and due to this feature, your room will be lighter and bigger. Throw away all extra accessories, paint walls in white and you will not recognize your room.  

  1. Go dark

If you wish to disintegrate the edges of a room, but you do not like light colors (or white color is not practical for your family), you may choose dark hues. Pair deep gray with crisp white moldings and the room will look larger. Gray color should be dominant. If you don’t like white colors, you may choose accents of pink or mint green. 

  1. Sand Color

This hue will be suitable for those, who do not like bright or too dark colors. A soothing sand color expands a room and adds the feeling of warmth and coziness.

This hue is a neutral one. So, choosing it, you should pay more attention to the furniture, because furniture items will be in the centre of attention.

  1. Aubergine

This color is for those who like luxury. It is rich and has a bit of mystery. This hue is able to change the whole look of the room. To make such changes more successful, you should pay attention to the lighting. Correctly chosen lighting fixtures are able to make this color deeper in the evening.

  1. Silvery Mercurial Color

   This color is able to make a room feel larger and at the same time adds coziness to the room. Besides, you can combine it with yellow or red and the look of the room will be incognoscible.

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