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Custom Closet Design Ideas from the Experts
Custom Closet Design Ideas from the Experts

Sorting and organizing is part of our DNA. Given the options, we prefer to keep things neatly organized both at work and at home. Closets are also one of the first and last spaces that you use every day. They can set the tone for your day. That is why Toronto’s closet organizers industry continues to grow with increasing innovation.


To help you achieve the most functional and beautiful custom closet, here are some practical ideas from the expert Toronto closet organizers!


Crisp and Elegant

This design can be achieved with elegant lighting features, inviting accessories and ample open space that hardly looks like a closet at first glance. A pattern is implemented from an area rug through the door, if any, that flawlessly blends with the adjacent room. A vanity area and a full-length mirror complete the design as well as provide enough space for getting ready.


Spa-looking closet

This is always at the top of the list of sought-after closet styles. With spa-like accessories and wooden hangers, along with some personal touches, you will have a luxurious yet serene finish. If the space is small, an open shelving will make it appear larger and wicker basket drawers are perfect for keeping essentials.


Dramatic look

If you want a stylish, dramatic appeal at a low budget, a large-scale pattern wallpaper makes it possible. Pair and contrast it with sleek white cabinetry for an interesting, dramatic look. Toronto closet organizers often choose floating cabinetry for more space to store shoes and other items both underneath and on top of it.


Boutique style

A boutique chic design can be achieved with features such as glass cabinet doors and cherry tones, recessed lights for different levels of lighting, drawers and hanging rod compartments for various storage options. Extra storage is also possible with open upper shelving option.



At Closet Solution, Toronto’s expert closet organizers, we can help you find the style that is right for you. Come by and visit us, or call to book a consultation!

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