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Drawers and Shelves in the Design That Fits Your Needs
Drawers and Shelves in the Design That Fits Your Needs
August 31, 2016

Drawers and shelves are an integral part of any closet system designed to maximize the storage potential of your space. They allow you to organize and categorize various items by creating multiple levels of storage. It is difficult to imagine a tidy and properly organized closet without drawers or shelves.

Drawers: What Can Be Special About Them?

Drawers are great for storing items that you don’t need to display while keeping them within easy reach. In general drawers could be deep or shallow. Shallow drawers may be a great solution for storing small items like socks, rolled-up belts or ties, jewelry and accessories. Deep drawers are generally used for folded clothes such as sweaters, T-shirts, etc. It is best to decide how many shallow and deep ones you want before ordering a closet, basing on the type and size of things you need to keep in these drawers. However, there’s an important space limit for fixing drawers – they shouldn’t be placed higher than your chest level, as you need to be able to see and reach their contents easily. Different kinds of drawer dividers and small organizers help to keep the things inside tidy and easy to find – even the common frugal variants such as DIY cardboard ones or kitchen utensil trays will work.

At Closet Solution we use the top quality Vianaro Grass drawer systems for maximum flexibility and operating comfort. Concealed slide systems combine attractive-looking lightness and heavy load capacity in an incredibly stylish and highly functional way, making Vianaro Grass the best choice. Opening and closing can be turned into something incredibly comfortable, especially with the soft-close function available.

What Do You Need to Know About Shelves?

Shelves are necessary for visual access to various items that do not require hanging. The main methods for better organizing your belongings on the shelves are stacking and using shelf dividers, or grouping like with like by placing things in bins and boxes. Keep in mind that same-size items will stack more neatly, and the depth of a shelf should equal roughly the depth of a stack of clothes (about 12 inches deep). Otherwise, you are likely to end up with wasted space in front or behind, or with hardly remembering what the depths of your shelves are hiding.

If you think that the more shelves, the better, you need to know this isn’t always true. The shelves themselves will take up inches of storage space, while too many of them make it difficult to stack or remove items. It is best to determine how many are optimal for your convenience, rather than just having a lot, considering the various items you have to store – but it isn’t easy.

Adjustable shelves allow you to change your mind about having more or less shelves and to vary their heights easily. It is very convenient in case your style or needs change and you have to store different items than what you started with when planning a closet. You might want to space the shelves differently at some point in the future.

Before efficiently turning this planning part into a closet of your dreams, you need to decide how many drawers and shelves are necessary in the design that fits your needs. Closet Solution's professionals will then create a realistic 3D model for you FREE of charge. This step is really helpful, giving you a clearer vision of what the end product may look like, what changes need to be made or details added. Let’s get started!


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