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Drawers and Shelves – Two Must-Haves of a Well-Organized Closet
Drawers and Shelves – Two Must-Haves of a Well-Organized Closet
July 14, 2016

Shelves and drawers are essential to any household storage system. With these two key components you can organize all personal items following these rules.

Drawers are an ideal solution for those items you don’t want to always be on display. Choose drawers of different height for clothes and accessories to utilize the closet space efficiently. Here are some tips for drawer usage:

  • Drawers are a great place to store lingerie, ties and hats, T-shirts and workout attire, as well as socks and other small items.
  • Do not place drawers higher than you chest level or you won’t be able to easily look inside.
  • Buy drawer organizers for small items, like socks or panties. When every item has a proper place there’s never a risk of an unorganized jumble. Kitchen utensil tray can substitute an organizer if you’re on a budget.

Shelves are better suited to for you if you need to keep items on display or if you’re prone to forget your own organizational system. There are numerous types of shelves: built-in or adjustable, transparent or opaque. You just need to choose those that fit you most and follow several simple rules:

  • Place your favorite shoes on slanted shelves and the less worn pairs are best stored in boxes on higher shelves.
  • The most frequently used items should be stored on shelves between knee and shoulder level. This way you’ll be able to comfortably look through items and pick those you need.
  • Heavy objects should be kept on lower enforced shelves. Do not place them on higher shelves, as they can turn into a hazard.
  • Corner shelves are a great way to utilize all available space, especially in the pantry.


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