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Five Common Closet Designs in Toronto
Five Common Closet Designs in Toronto
November 09, 2017

We have all, at one point, had to sort through our closets. That tie you were looking for to wear to your son’s graduation at your wife’s request. The pair of shoes that you always wear with that black dress. The new belt you just bought but you can’t find when you finally want to wear it, because your closet is an absolute mess.


It may be time to re-think the way your closet is structured and designed. How can you maximize the storage space you have? How can you ensure each item is neatly stored while being accessible? Fortunately, closet design in Toronto is a popular industry and growing in specialty among interior designers. If you’re just beginning to think about redesigning your closet, here are elements you should think about incorporating into a new design:


Design #1: Hangers for Formal Attire

This is something to consider if you own a lot of business wear such as suits, ties and blazers.  This type of clothing you hang to avoid creasing, wrinkling and the need to constantly iron. This also decreases the amount of space you need for clothes that need to be folded and tucked away. A closet design in Toronto specialist can advise you on how best to divide the space between the clothes you fold and the clothes you hang.


Design #2: Think both long and short term

Most of us are working with very limited space. A closet design in Toronto often revolves around this fact: designing your closet to be both a long and short-term storage unit. Long-term clothes are the clothes you tuck away once the seasons change, or you pull out for special occasions, such as that ugly Christmas sweater. Short-term clothes are your staples, favourites that you wear regardless of the season.


One example of a design that demonstrates this involves the installation of a partition to create one section for hanging clothing, a shelf for folded clothes, and a place for storing shoes. The other section will contain shelves that are spaced farther apart to store large boxes or bins, and a small area to hang your seasonal apparel.  


Design #3: The Great Division

This closet design in Toronto is popular among couples. It can help keep the peace by dividing the space generously that accommodate each person’s belongings. Women typically need a wider selection of hanging clothes and pairs of shoes, whereas men generally have more folded items like short-sleeved shirts. A barrier between the two is complemented by adding in shelving and drawers.


Design #4: A Simple Shelf Solution

If the nature of your wardrobe is informal, you might want to take a different approach. You may just need more space to store your folded clothes and less space for hanging them. A mix of open and cubby shelving and drawers or other accessories like hooks can better suit your simple storage needs. You can also place your other containers such as large boxes or slide-out trays on the extra shelves. 


Design #5: Stylish attraction

If colour coordination is your thing, think about re-organizing your closet in the hues, shades and colours you have. Match them with colored hangers as the finishing touch to your colour coordinated system.


If you want a professional touch to a closet design in Toronto, partner with us at Closet Solution!


We provide high quality organizers that go perfectly with our sought-after closet designs. Our talented team of designers and stylists work hard to ensure your closet becomes your most prized possession!  

Cant speak much to organizing a closet space, but the construction job was really well done and I'm happy with the result.
Posted by: Mike | January 10, 2018, 3:58 pm
I love a wardrobe that has multiple compartments, like one for accessories!
Posted by: Julie | November 23, 2017, 9:34 pm
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