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Four Ideas that Create More Space in Your Closet
Four Ideas that Create More Space in Your Closet
June 15, 2017

The amount of space available is partly determined by the external frame of the closet, and partly by other factors. Not all closets of the same external size have the same amount of usable space. Some have more while others have lower space available for use. Below are ideas from your friendly closet organizers in Toronto to help you create more space in your closet.

Keep partitioning simple: When a closet is partitioned in a simple layout, more usable space is created. In fact, you can mess up to 90% of the usable storage space by having more partitions. To create more space for your clothes, always have the fewest number of partitions in your closet as possible. This also makes the closet more accessible with minimal dead space. Advanced designs might require you to consult a walk-in closet organizer in Toronto for expert insights into how to partition your available space.

Remove the clutter: De-cluttering your closet creates more space for storage. The clutter in most closets include old and unusable clothes, outdated or torn clothes you no longer wear, wrappers, papers and other forms of solid waste. When kept in your closet, these materials make your closet space more congested and disorganized. By getting rid of them, you not only make your closet more presentable but also create more storage space.

Maximize the corners of your closet room: It is common to have closet corners unutilized or being taken as dead spaces. This leads to congested and highly squeezed storage spaces. To gain optimal use of the available space, consult your walk-in closet organizer in Toronto on where to position the closet. Expert insights go a long way in ensuring that the space accessible in your closet room is maximized.

Reduce the amount of dead spaces. It is common to have areas around corners in your closet being left unused. These and other spaces that cannot be productively used in your closet room consist of dead spaces. By reducing the amount of dead spaces in your closet, you gain meaningful control and use of your available storage space.

Consulting a team of walk-in closet organizers in Toronto will help guide you in the right direction – our knowledgeable team here at Closet Solution is ready to take care of your closet organizing needs!  


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