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Get Organized with Custom Closets in Toronto
Get Organized with Custom Closets in Toronto
January 22, 2018

In order to have a productive and stress-free day, being organized is very important. It starts with home organization and extends to the office and larger business.  At Closet Solutions, we offer a wide array of options for your Custom Closets in Toronto.

Whether it is for your home, a business facility or for larger scale manufacturers and distributers, we have the means, experience and skill to take on any custom closet project in Toronto.

  1.  Solutions for consumers.
    1. Essential Line- When cost effectiveness is the first priority to increasing storage and maintaining elegance through simplicity in design and finish.
    2. Design Line- With stylish upgrades over the standard features, this option is best for a wide variety of applications that fit every modern home.
    3. Supreme Elegance line- For home owners demanding the most, this is our flagship design. With a floor to ceiling design, it boasts all available options from lighting to accessories such as LED rods.


  1.  Solutions for builders.
    1. Quality of Craftsmanship- By working closely with our exclusive suppliers you can be sure that the materials used and the quality of the product are top of the line.
    2. Ready to Paint- This gives you the freedom and ability to choose your own colors and paint. Shipped in unfinished MDF closets that you can paint on-site. This also reduces costs for you.
    3. Mass Production- Our high-tech and very efficient facility can provide small and large orders. Whether it’s an apartment complex or office building, we can do it!


  1.  Solutions for Designers.
    1. Well experienced team- With the vast experience of our team in designing and rendering, you can have the ability to explore your ideas and turn 3D drawings into reality.
    2. Becoming a Dealer- We will give you access to top of the line products and everything from business cards to the latest marketing tools.
    3. Become a Franchise- Already building and installing? Becoming a franchise will further enhance your existing service and capability with our expert marketing tools.
Loving my new closet guys! Thank you!!
Posted by: Margaret | February 2, 2018, 7:39 pm
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