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How to Make Your Walk In Closet Luxurious
How to Make Your Walk In Closet Luxurious
March 08, 2017

Let’s talk about walk in closets.

Who else can tell you all about them but the best walk in closet organizers of Toronto?

Whether you already have a walk in closet and want to reorganize or you’re thinking of upgrading, you’ve got to think about what makes most sense for your style and practicality. After all, your closet doesn’t have to match the bedroom; it can be like you’re walking into a whole new world.

Since you’re going to be spending about half your morning (depending on how much you love your closet) in this new world and a portion of your evening in there after coming home from a long day, you’ll want it to be tidy and pleasant to make decisions in.

It’s hard to make decisions early in the morning (especially when you’re not the type of person to choose your outfit the night before) before you’ve had your cup of coffee. It’s also difficult if you can’t see all your options and your lighting isn’t the best.

Walk in closets often employ dim lighting…but why?! If you’re putting on your clothes in there and you’ve got a mirror in there as well then why not sport some better lighting so that you can see how you’re going to look right away, especially if you have no time to rush to another mirror with proper lighting.

If you’re going to have a walk in closet in your house then you shouldn’t treat it like a regular closet. A walk in closet was once a sign of luxury but now most homeowners enjoy the experience of a walk in closet. It doesn’t have to lose its charm though—you can still give it the attention it’s capable of giving you.

Here are 5 features to consider for walk in closet organizers in Toronto:

An Island

The kitchen isn’t the only room that looks good with an island. Not only that, but it’s practical too. Incorporate drawers within the island to maximize all of the advantages of the island. Make sure to have organizational tools on top of it for small items such as jewelry, keys, and/or pocket change.

Seating Area

Go for a large round cushion so that you can get around easy, lay out clothes on it, or take a seat while putting on shoes. Have it even just to simply lay down after a long day.

Vanity Section

You usually only see vanities in washrooms but if you’re getting ready, don’t you want to get fully ready? Clothes, shoes, hair, and make up (for the ladies). For that reason it’s great to have features such as a countertop, mirror, lighting bar, and a stool to both sit on or use to step on to reach things that are high up.

Body Length Mirror

If you are constrained in terms of space, add a body length mirror to the back of the closet door—or anywhere else that has space to incorporate a mirror in which you can see all of your features.

The Library Ladder

This funky element allows for easy access to high storage. It also lets you hang your next day’s outfit or even an outfit for every day of the week on each step! You’d also be able to hang belts or scarves off of the ladder.


Remember, the right design allows you to see everything you have, leading to less time being spent on trying to find what you want. It helps to be more efficient, organized, and comfortable.

So get out of your old closet habits and embrace the contemporary trends of walk in closet organizers of Toronto. 

I need a walk in closet. I have an abundance of fancy clothes that deserve a luxurious environment. How do I get in touch with you guys?? :)
Posted by: Rachel222 | June 2, 2017, 7:51 pm
I just installed a library ladder for my walk in closet. Loving it!
Posted by: Tanya T. | May 19, 2017, 2:15 pm
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