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How To Plan Your Closet
How To Plan Your Closet
June 29, 2016

Closet Solution presents some fresh design ideas:

Keeping your clothes in order is important. If you want your apartment or house to look clean and organized, organizing your closet is a good first step to achieve it.
The concept of your closet design depends greatly on your storage needs and preferences. Here are some ideas:

- The classic idea is to divide the closet into hanging space and shelves. To make it look beautiful, you can keep clothes organized by color. Also, consider buying beautiful colored hangers and boxes which will make your closet a truly nice composition. Doors are optional.

- If you have lots of clothing garments that cannot be folded (suits, dresses), you will obviously need lots of hanging space. This way you will have enough storage room to keep your clothes in good shape and wrinkle free.

- If you live in a climate zone with sharp temperature differences (winter very cold, summer very hot), you will probably need to design your storage space accordingly. For instance, your closet space may be divided into a few parts: for the clothes you need now, for the clothes and shoes you’ll need in a few months, and for non-seasonal stuff. In this case, your closet will consist of hanging space, shelves for folded clothes, shelves for shoes and large boxes.

- If you have lots of casual informal clothes that can be kept folded, you will probably want to eliminate hanging space to minimum and include more shelves. Some of the shelves can be used for boxes, bins, etc.

- Another story happens if you have to share your closet with your significant other. Sometimes, closet sharing can be a true test of the couple’s feelings (we’re joking). The most common idea is to create a barrier between the two sections of the closet. In women’s section, there is usually more hanging space. In men’s sections of the closet more space is given to shelves used for keeping folded items.

- If you have belts, ties and scarves (and you probably do), you will need wall hooks. For shoes, use shoe racks or boxes. 

Where should you look for closet design ideas? Actually, everywhere.

- Look at your friend’s closets, if it is appropriate of course.

- Google it!

- Search for celebrities’ closet ideas. There are many great ideas which can be realized with limited budget. Of course, you will hardy be able to afford a drive-in closet like Jennifer Aniston’s or a red-carpet closet like Lela Rose’s. But you can definitely borrow some ideas.

- Another source of great ideas is fashion blogs.

- Check Pinterest for ideas. Look for '#closetdesign' or 'closet design ideas'.

- If you still have not done it, visit the nearest furniture stores and boutiques. Some things have to be not only seen but also touched and felt.

So, what are the main steps you should follow to organize your closet space? Here are some:

1. Step one. Understand what clothing items you have in possession. The best way is to empty your closet or closets out.

2. Step two. Organize all of your clothes into categories.

3. Step three. Separate the items that do not belong to the closet and have to be kept elsewhere.

4. Step four. Separate the unwanted items, or things you want to throw away.

5. Step five. Clean the closet itself, and you have everything ready to start organizing your clothing garments.

Great info!
Posted by: Lilly | July 14, 2016, 3:23 pm
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