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How we Design Your Closet in Toronto
How we Design Your Closet in Toronto
February 27, 2018

If you have a house, condominium or even an office that is under renovation or construction, you may find a little help in closet design in Toronto will go a long way. Either at home or the office, every storage space and closet can be spacious, effective and pleasing.


At Closet Solutions we pride ourselves in our design work, continuously developing and refining our approach. Our Toronto closet design team boasts expert skills, experience and amazing artistic sensibility. We’ve developed an approach with certain key steps that insures quality, durability and functionality.


The Key steps to Fantastic Closet Design in Toronto


  • In-home consultation: While a quick phone call is most convenient, we understand that measurements and key designations are critical. Our design team has will visit you for an in-home consultation. Eager to listen to your design needs, we will help you visualize the design of your dreams and make it a reality.


  • Rendering/drawing: Once the in home consultation is complete we make a 3D design model to give you an actual visualization of the closet before production begins. This will give you confidence and peace of mind during the design and manufacturing process.


  • Production and materials. Our highly skilled team work very closely with our exclusive suppliers. This provides us the materials and accessories needed to secure a high quality, aesthetically pleasing precision build. The benefits are two-fold, it guarantees us high quality materials, making sure our work is durable, and our partnerships yield significant cost savings on materials and accessories which we pass on to you.


We offer solutions for every design project, and can help answer any questions you may have. For closet design in Toronto that stands out, call us and speak with an expert designer to find out how we can make your design dreams reality. 

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