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Kitchen Organization Tips
Kitchen Organization Tips
August 05, 2016

We spend plenty of time in our kitchens. That is why some people pay great attention to the design of this room. Unfortunately, not every person has an opportunity to have a big and spacy kitchen, but the necessity to have all items or kitchen utensils within reach always exists. In this review, we would like to offer you several organization tips that will help you keep in good order your kitchen.

  1. Organize the Cabinets

You need to find some time and put cooking things where they should be. Keep baking or cooking pieces near the place you cook food. Glassware must be kept near the sink. Keep all utensils in the drawer. If you have a coffee machine keep it near the water source.

  1. Empty Cabinets

We scrape up things every year and keep them in our closets or drawers. However, if you want to have more space, you should learn to throw all unnecessary things. Check every drawer you have and unload them from all things you do not use.

  1. Group Some Things

When you checked all your drawers or closets and found some things you wish to stay, you should group them. Baking items should be kept in one place and find another drawer to keep glassware or cooking items.

  1. Use Containers

You can always use some clear containers to keep food, which you may scatter. Group together such items as gravy mixes, cereal packets or sauce mixes.

  1. Use Vertical Space

Some items you can keep using vertical spaces. You can keep cups above the countertop. To do this, place hooks on the wall under the cabinets. To keep some kitchen gadgets, you may use adhesive hooks – just place them on the inside of the cabinet doors. Follow one simple truth – hang every possible thing. In doing so, you will free lots of space.

  1. Use Rotating Trays

They are very useful to keep such items as spices, medications or oils. To keep beverages in a refrigerator use lazy Susans.

  1. Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers help you find small miscellaneous things very rapidly. Besides, they allow you to find the necessary thing quicker.

  1. Your Refrigerator also requires cleaning

Sometimes we forget about refrigerators and not always know what items we keep there. Generally, this procedure takes only a couple of minutes, but it will not be cluttered. So, to avoid the situation when your fridge is full but you have nothing to eat, clean it out regularly.

  1. Sort Papers

A magnetic sorter box will simplify the process of keeping various notes like takeout menus, coupons, recipes, etc.

  1. Try to be Narrow-Minded

Though a small space between the fridge and the wall is too small at first gaze, it can be used to keep canned goods. Make a small vertical shelf and keep canned food or some other small things there. This is the best variant for small kitchens.

As you see, even if you are the owner of a small kitchen, it is always possible to find a way out.

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