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Organization ideas for your closet
Organization ideas for your closet
July 05, 2016

‘Organizing’ is a great-sounding and encouraging word that implies maximizing the efficiency of what you have – both in terms of space and clothing variety. However, the less exciting meaning of this word is ‘sorting’. Actually, sorting your belongings comes before your closet is ready – not after, as some people think. It is essential for determining your closet needs and then considering your options to choose the storage solutions that will work for you and meet your budget.

1. Zones

Regardless of the type of closet you have, this starting point is the same. Just like you set up different zones in your walk-in closet for different kinds of clothes, footwear, small items, accessories, etc., in your reach-in closet you need to allocate some space for various categories of things so that you can easily find everything and avoid a messy look. You can further sort by color, size/length, season, style, or frequency of wearing to create as many subcategories as you consider necessary or convenient so that each subcategory has its designated space.

2. Levels

There are a few key rules of design logic when it comes to utilizing floor to ceiling closet space. The top and bottom of your closet system are best for seasonal storage or bulky items, as well as things you rarely need to reach for. Eye level is great for displaying the clothes and shoes you wear often – or those that you otherwise can't remember (if they are out of sight). Slanted shelves are perfect for storing shoes, while the general rule of shelves and drawers is that most frequently used items should be located at the level between your shoulders and waist – this way, you don’t have to bend or stretch all the time to reach them. 

3. Closet Solutions

Gone are the days – and good riddance to them – when a closet was just one long rod with inaccessible corners at each end. Welcome custom closet solutions and closet design companies that create numerous storage opportunities and a highly efficient space. Closet Solutions is a custom closet design company that offers a variety of systems with tiered rods, shelves, drawers, stackable storage and stylish accessories to make everything easily accessible and attractive while maximizing every inch of your closet space and personalizing it. Innovative decorative features such as integrated lighting greatly complement the closet design and colors, adding a touch of elegance and luxury.

It's always good to custom organize your closet.
Posted by: Luke | July 14, 2016, 3:24 pm
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