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Our Solutions for Customers: THE DESIGN LINE
Our Solutions for Customers: THE DESIGN LINE
September 19, 2016

The Design series is our mid-level closet suitable for a wide variety of applications. When it comes to creating functional, stylish and easy-to-use organizing systems, the clean, fine lines and durability make this collection essential to any home or room. In fact, it makes sense to consider closets very important “rooms” or spaces adding to the value of any home. Closet remodels or upgrades provide one of the most valuable returns on investment of all the home improvement projects, and our clients often say that our custom closet organizing systems are the best home improvement they have ever made.

Your custom space will be built using the highest quality materials and hardware, personalized to your needs, optimized for maximum storage and accessibility. This results to a functional and attractive, timeless and durable product. You can choose from a variety of colors in order to color coordinate the closet to your room, to make it a warm and inviting or a clean, fresh looking space. Create a piece that is elegant and classic, modern and minimalistic, chic and stylish or refined and luxurious. Transform your closet with our custom design options, accessories, finishes and lighting to provide that "wow" factor, the visual interest and contrast to the design, the seamless, sleek and polished look.

The Design Line Features:

  • All Sections 16" deep;
  • Undermount soft-close drawers;
  • Modern slab faces;
  • Handles or Knobs from Stock collection;
  • Wall mount off-floor construction;
  • Backless design.


Optional Upgrades:

  • Full selection of stock colors and accessories;
  • Floor mount construction with toe-kicks;
  • Enclosed Back Panels;
  • Sides and top fillers;
  • LED lighting packages.

No one wants to look like they got dressed in the dark, so sufficient lighting is essential no matter how small or big your closet space is. Besides helping you quickly find what you are looking for, it brings out the color, pattern, and texture of your clothes, creating a great-looking display, keeping your closet bright and cheerful. Even if you don’t need improving the room brightness, LED accent lighting is great for showcasing and highlighting shoes, accessories or other beautiful items in your closet.

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