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Our Solutions for Customers: THE ESSENTIAL LINE
Our Solutions for Customers: THE ESSENTIAL LINE
September 15, 2016

When you’re aiming at creating something that is a quality, durable, functional and attractive closet at the same time, it is never cheap and can cost a small fortune. However, if you want to save on optimizing your storage without sacrificing on quality or value – and who wouldn’t? –  Closet Solutions’s Essential Line is the most cost-effective option. With this smart combination of the right basics such as hanging rods, drawers and shelves you’ll never have another “I have nothing to wear” or “where will this fit?” crisis.

The simple, yet elegant snowy white finish creates a uniform and stylish look that compliments any space. No other color creates a better backdrop in your closet for your clothes to shine and truly stand out. White is high-contrast, bright in dark rooms, making any closet feel more spacious and open while always looking fresh and new. For the most timeless closet system, you can’t go wrong with white.

White is not only timeless, it also brightens the closet and accentuates the clothing and accessories within, making it easier to view your wardrobe and differentiate between subtle nuances and shades (such as navy and black or off white, cream and beige). We all have a variety of colors in our closets, so having a light and neutral background visually makes the closet more appealing and relaxing to the eyes despite all the splashes of color and texture coming from the clothing and other items stored in it.

The Essential Line Features:

  • Clear White Finish;
  • 12" deep sections;
  • 16" deep drawers section;
  • Undermount soft-close drawers;
  • Modern slab faces;
  • Handles or Knobs from Stock collection;
  • Wall mount off-floor construction;
  • Backless design.


Optional Upgrades:

  • Full line of accessories.
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