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Rules for Cleaning Out Your Closet
Rules for Cleaning Out Your Closet
July 28, 2016

Nothing-To-Wear and No-Space-For-New-Clothes are the most disturbing  problems of women these days. Actually, these are related problems, that can be solved during one big cleaning out. The main benefits of cleaning out your closet at least once a year are:

1.    getting space for new things;

2.    organizing your wardrobe;

3.    defining the items you need to purchase;

4.    acquiring the habit of thoughtful shopping.


So, once you’ve decided to do the cleaning out, you need to keep in mind a few rules that will help you achieve the best results.

1.    Start from Scratch

No, I don’t mean throwing away all of your clothes, I just suggest you take all the stuff from the closet. Don’t leave any shelves for later because you’ll never have time for them.


2.    Sorting

Most experts recommend sorting all of your stuff into three groups: the things you actually wear, the things that need to be tailored, and the things you need to get rid of. Sorting is the most difficult and important part of the whole cleaning process.


3.    Use the One-Year Rule

If you haven’t worn an item more than a year, you probably won’t wear it ever again. It should already be out of style, and you won’t feel comfortable in it.  The best thing you can do is to donate it. Let someone else enjoy it.


4.    Sale Items

This is a different story. Sales make us buy thing we don’t usually need. Very often we end up never wearing them. It may be difficult to get rid of a totally new piece, but you should use the One-Year rule.


5.    Uncomfortable Items

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a clothing item or shoes, you may need to tailor it or, if it’s not possible, remove it from your closet.


6.    All Time Favorites

Perhaps, once it was one of the most beloved clothes of yours, but it’s already 5 years old, and it went out of fashion. Maybe you want to keep it as a memory of good times. Well, then just make sure you have only one or two pieces like that, otherwise, your closet will turn into a museum.


7.    Nothing to Wear with

Sometimes we buy the clothes because of their cool color or unusual design, but when we come home, we understand that this item is impossible to pair with anything in our wardrobe. We leave it hoping to buy something suitable but never do that. What can we do with such pieces? Give them away.


8.    Poor Fitting

Get rid of the clothes which silhouette and proportions that are not for your body type. If the clothes don’t compliment your shapes or are improperly tailored there is nothing you can do to them.


9.    Wrong Size

If the item is not your size, just give it to the person who will wear it. Do not wait until you lose weight or gain it.


After you are done with sorting, you can also do the color coordinating of your remaining items. This will help you pick your outfits faster and easier.



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