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Sophisticated Closet Design in Toronto For Your Personal and Professional Wardrobes
Sophisticated Closet Design in Toronto For Your Personal and Professional Wardrobes
May 18, 2018

Really, there’s no excuse to go with the ‘usual’, the ‘standard’ and, frankly, a little bit boring. Closet design in Toronto has grown in leaps and bounds. Be it designing a new closet or modernizing your existing closet, the options list is endless and you can customize the space to your heart’s content.


In fact, once you’ve stepped from the early years of your working life and into the beginnings of your professional prime after your mid-20s, you know your closet has to be able to accommodate a much more sophisticated wardrobe and variety of personal and professional clothing.


Just throwing in or packing in clothes tightly just won’t do; and, besides, you’re only increasing your effort by doing that. We look at a few ideas for closet design in Toronto which will make your closet a much more inviting and organized space.


  • Lighting – It’s shocking how underappreciated and underutilized lighting is in closet design in Toronto. Overhead lighting, in-closet lighting, proximity sensing and automatic lights, LEDs, there are so many simple options that must be part of your closet design in Toronto. Not only does lighting set the mood, it makes your closet seem a much airier place. That and you can actually see what you’re picking up.
  • Shoe shelf – Another all too often ignored utility in closet design in Toronto. Shoe fences or angled shelves are a great way to organize your shoe collection. It makes matching footwear with clothing so much faster and reduces the mess big time.
  • Drawer inserts – Whether for jewelry, cufflinks, or watches, drawer inserts are a great organizer option. Closet design in Toronto offers a range of specialized accessories can fit all your specific needs, including shapes to hold necklaces, ring holders and even automatic watch winders.
  • Shelf dividers – Shelf dividers keep your clothing in place and offer a much more sophisticated storing system for your clothing. Good closet design in Toronto should incorporate these right out of the box or, at the very least, make provision for using them in future.
  • Customize – This isn’t a mass-produced closet, so don’t make it look like one. Closet design in Toronto has tremendous customization to offer in the design and finish of your custom closet. Drawer pulls, mirrors, the color of the walls can all be tailored to match your taste. Of course, utility adding elements like hooks, valet rods and built-in ironing boards can all make your chores that much less cumbersome.
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