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The Smartest Way to Organize Your Closet
The Smartest Way to Organize Your Closet
September 13, 2016

Even if you are the busiest person in the world, you know how a messy closet can irritate you. In the morning, when you are pressed for time, you try to find your pull-over or T shirt and cannot do this because each thing is not at its place.

Mostly, this is the problem of organization – you either save money on convenient organizers or have never thought about this issue at all. A well-organized closet contributes to happiness and euphoric joy. Let’s analyze several ideas, allowing you to organize your closet.


  1. Unload a Closet

Sometimes, this process may sound painful. However, this is the first thing you should do. This is the first step to order in your room. Unloading a closet’s entire contents, you will see how many things you keep there and don’t even guess that you have such things. This simple act allows you to get rid of a bunch of useless things you store there. You have to determine what you want to keep and what things to throw away. In doing so, you will unload your closet and will simplify the process of searching things there.


  1. Make Use of the Door Space


Generally, the insides of doors are very convenient for towel bars, various hooks or dowels. This is an additional storage to keep belts, jewelry or scarves in order.

  1. Lighting

Very often we neglect the question of lighting. Mostly, there is not enough of it. People forget about lighting their closets and this is a real mistake. You may choose battery-operated LED lights on every shelf of your closet. Besides, a LED rod is also an additional source of lighting.


  1. Select Matching Hangers of High Quality

If you have equal hangers, you will find clothes faster. Try to select hangers made from the same material (wood, plastic or metal). Otherwise, the closet will have a chaotic look. The type of hangers depends on the type of clothing items you wish to keep there.


  1. Roll up Clothes to Save Space

If you cannot afford to install a spacious closet, this tip will be very useful for you. You can roll up T shirts, sports shirts, skirts or some other clothing items and you will see how much space it can really take.

Sports shirts, skirt or some other clothing items and you will see how much space it can really take.


Following these simple advices your closet will be properly organized and you will never be nervous looking for one or another thing there. 

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