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Things All Stylish Girls Must Have In Their Closets
Things All Stylish Girls Must Have In Their Closets
September 12, 2016

We may blame the size of our closets or our wallets for the recurring ‘I have nothing to wear’ problem, but the real issue is often overlooked: impulse buying and shopping for fun, trendy or clearance sale items instead of investing in basic functional pieces and organizing the rest of our wardrobes around them. Rather than ending up with a growing pile of impulse purchases that are hard to organize or match and are barely ever worn, try to focus on the essential items that all stylish women have at the foundation of their wardrobes. These are the basic building blocks of a well-rounded closet and investment pieces that can stand the test of time, lasting for years.

 A Coat

A coat is an essential and quality fashion item we should all own. Whether you prefer a wool coat or a lightweight trench coat (depending on the climate), it’s a classic statement in any neutral color. It will keep you warm, cozy and fashionable, complementing any outfit.

A Little Black Dress &Co.

Generations of fashion critics, stylists and simply mothers or grandmothers were right – a Little Black Dress is a must-have. No girl in the world should go without a classic black dress in her wardrobe. However, you will greatly benefit from enlarging the family of basic black items in your closet and further marrying a tailored black skirt or pants with a black blazer, turtleneck or a cardigan. Another great piece to invest in is a pair of simple black shoes with a medium heel that will go with almost anything. Black heels do an amazing job complementing skirts, pants, dresses, jeans and dressy shorts.

A Great Pair of Jeans

Denim is a must in any closet, and every woman needs a pair of jeans – whether they are flared, cropped, skinny, or bootcut. Choose whatever silhouette fits your body best and makes you look good while providing the ultimate comfort of wearing and easy pairing with a variety of other items you own.

A White Shirt

From working in the office or going to interviews to casual, everyday functions, a white shirt is an essential wardrobe building block. It can be paired with skirts, blazers, cardigans, black pants or jeans for a perfect business or casual look.

A Flowy Midi Skirt

With so many skirt shapes and lengths out there, the choice isn’t easy. However, a midi skirt with a bit of movement is a stylish item that flatters every shape. Pick a wear-anywhere silhouette – a classic cut that fits snug at the hips and flares at the knees, or choose the one with lined folds and elegant hip ties. Midi skirts can be overlapping at front, asymmetric or with asymmetric hem, adding more fun and color to your wardrobe.

T-shirts and Tops

Both V-neck and crew T-shirts and tops in solid colors are great for layering and on their own, for the gym or for everyday wear. They are lightweight, comfortable and functional.

Sweaters and Cardigans

From cashmere to cotton and wool knits, these are so versatile they can fit any occasion or style you want them to. They are perfect layering pieces which look great with jeans, pants, skirts and just about everything else.


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