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Tips Allowing You to Add a Touch of Summer to Your House
Tips Allowing You to Add a Touch of Summer to Your House
August 17, 2016

Even if the weather is very cold and there is plenty of time until summer is in, you can always change the design of the house you live in and add there a summer flair. In this article, we have gathered some tips that will help you do this. Besides, you can always let summer come in to your house and there is no need to spend plenty of money.

  1. Let the Light Come in to Your House

Try to make the most out of your home’s window. If you have heavy winter drapes of the dark color, change them. Select lighter drapes or take it off.

You should also pay attention to your pillows and bed clothes. If it is dark, replace it by a lighter variant.

  1. Add More Plants to Your House

You can create an indoor garden in your house. Besides, put flowers not only on the window sill, but on the floor too. You can also use special macramé plant hangers and hang flower pots on the wall.

  1. Add Gold Accents

Select some accessories of golden shade and place them in your room.

  1. Neutral Element

Designing your house or only one room, select neutral color palette, which as a rule keeps things light. You can mix it with a printed rug or bed throw.

  1. Wicker Elements

Wicker elements are able to add a touch of summer to your room. You can select either chairs or hanging light made from wicker. Besides, such elements make a room cozier.

  1. Glam Glassware

If you prefer classic glassware, you can substitute it with some colorful additions. Furthermore, if you keep it not hidden in the kitchen-cupboard, select brighter glassware.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you make your room brighter and will add a touch of summer to your house. This will be especially useful when the weather is windy and snowy outside.

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