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Top 10 Post-Holiday Organizing Tips
Top 10 Post-Holiday Organizing Tips
December 27, 2016

The Christmas tree and ornaments are coming down, and now you have to figure out how to store this with all the new additions and presents in tow. Our Toronto closet organizers are excellent for this job. Your ornaments and supplies can be tucked away in shelfs, drawers, and cabinets. The different options and solutions provided by our local inventory of Toronto closet organizers lets you minimize the occupied space of your holiday decorations. There are many tricks to keep those cords from tangling, or ornaments from rolling around in your closet organizer. Here are our favorite 10 methods to keep your holiday goodies safe and pristine for years to come.

  1. Ornaments
    • Store breakable ornaments in an egg carton.
    • Stack them in your closet organizer.
  2. Ornaments
    • Use a segmented cardboard box, shoebox, or wine box, and cushion the oddly shaped ornaments with wrapping paper from your presents.
    • Cardboard or fabric organizers do not trap moisture when you store it away for the year.
    • Stack them in your closet organizer.
  3. Lights
    • Store individually in clear resealable bags so they don’t tangle.
    • Stack them in a container or in your closet organizer.
  4. Wrapping paper
    • Cut a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tube down the length.
    • Cup it around the wrapping paper to hold it together.
    • Store vertically in your closet organizer.
  5. Decorative candles
    • Wrap in paper towel for cushioning.
    • Insert into paper towel cardboard tubes to prevent breaking.
    • Store vertically in your closet organizer.
  6. Christmas tree toppers
    • Wrap in tissue paper from unboxed presents.
    • Store in Tupperware or take-out container.
    • Stack with other ornaments in closet organizer.
  7. Christmas tree
    • Wrap drop clothes and tie the ends around the tree.
    • Drop clothes keep the dirt off, doesn’t trap moisture, and doesn’t flatten the tree.
    • Store vertically in garage or basement.
  8. Christmas tree
    • Behind the branches of each section in twine.
    • Insert each section into a concrete form tube.
    • Secure a plastic bag on each end with an elastic band or tape.
    • Label each tube accordingly.
    • Store vertically in closet organizer, basement, or garage.
  9. Wreaths
    • Install the closet organizer rod meant for more hangers.
    • Hang multiple wreathes through the loop.
  10. Wreaths
    • Hang on coat hanger.
    • Slip into a plastic dry cleaning bag to keep the dust away.
    • Tie off the bottom of the bag.
    • Hang in the closet.

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