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What to Avoid When Creating Your Custom Closet
What to Avoid When Creating Your Custom Closet
February 15, 2018

Creating a great custom closet in Toronto is an art that requires proper planning. Like any other successful project, proper planning goes a long way in ensuring your vision comes true. However, there are lots of things you should never do when designing your dream closet.


Here are some things to be avoided at all cost when designing your custom closet in Toronto, from the experts at Closet Solution.


Avoid dull colors


Dull colors make a room less reflective, and create a need for more light for proper illumination. This should be avoided when working on a dream closet as it makes it less impressive. On the other hand, brighter colors allow for effective illumination of your space. The surfaces in your closet should be in brighter colors to avoid additional lighting and an underwhelming look to your closet. The ideal custom closet in Toronto should be painted in bright colors that make you feel alive.


Avoid too bright lighting


Lighting goes a long way in defining the ambience of the floor and organization space. This requires attentions to the nature and quality of lighting available in the closet. While bright lighting increases the visibility within the closet, it’s not always the best. Instead, well-lit but warm yellow lighting arrangements are best for a stunning closet.


Avoid fixing closets on constrained places


A closet is used every day, so you should avoid choosing a space which is not easily accessible. Position them in accessible areas where there is limited constraints. Some areas you may want to avoid include tight corners, door drops and areas below a stair case. These might constrain the accessibility of the closet when you most need it.


However, our closet specialists can help you utilize every space in your home for a closet. With hard work and innovative thinking, we can help you make the space of your dreams.


Closet Solution Canada is a leading designer, creating premium custom-built closets. For more information or to request a consultation, give us a call or visit us today!

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