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10 amasing celebrity closets
10 amasing celebrity closets
August 12, 2016

  Celebrities are always in the centre of attention. Their fans wish to know every detail of their personal life. Besides, they used to show everything. Fashion is the most popular topic for discussions. In this review, we are to show you celebrity’s closets for you to see how they look like and where they keep their clothes.


   1. Khloe Kardashian.

This celebrity likes to change clothes. Besides, she has the whole room dedicated to fitness wear only. On the official website, Khloe offers all fans an opportunity to see her huge closet, which occupies the 150 square foot space. Khloe has more than 90 pairs of trainers and 80 gym ensembles. She likes sport!

    2. Kylie Jenner.

Every girl can envy the closet of this celebrity. It is not big, it is huge! She calls it “my glam room”. It is even difficult to call it a closet. This is a three room affair with special units for heels, gowns and bags.

   3. Maria Carey.

Recently this singer posted the picture of her shoe closet in her Instagram account. All her followers were really amazed. She has more than 1000 shoe pairs. Besides, all of them are subdivided by the style. Boots, sandals, louboutin shoes – everything is grouped.

  4. Nannette Lepore.

Sometimes, celebrity’s closets can rival any boutique. The closet of a famous fashion designer really looks like a boutique. Her Manhattan townhouse comprises many glamorous accents. Her closet room belongs to the vintage style.

  5. Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

This celebrity likes pink colors and in her wardrobe she has a nice velvet sofa, a number of Louis Vuitton bags and many closets.

  6. Ashley Tisdale.

This woman likes shoes and she has devoted an entire room to the collection of shoes. Ashley is the owner of more than 250 pairs of shoes that are grouped according to the style. She confesses that to remember that she has one or another thing, she must see it. So, her wardrobe is properly organized.

  7. Jamie King.

It is not so huge as other celebrities have, but her wardrobe is organized well. This is like a well-stocked boutique.

  8. Christina Aguilera.

This famous singer has two huge closets, where she groups shoes by designers. Besides, there are zones for other clothes like coats, skirts, jeans, etc. This is the ultra-glam room, made in rosy colors.

  9. Olivia Wilde.

This celebrity made a total renovation in her apartment to have a personal wardrobe. She united the sitting room and guest room and made a huge walk-in closet to keep her clothes there. Now, it serves as a place where she keeps all her red carpet dresses. Besides, this room has with many 19-th century accessories.

  10. Yolanda Foster.

This actress has the biggest wardrobe than you can even imagine. It is like a department store, where she keeps all her clothes and accessories. All clothes and accessories have separate closets. The design of this room is simple, but at the same time rather stylish. It is easy to find a necessary thing there.


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