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7 Tips Allowing You to Organize Cleaning Supplies
7 Tips Allowing You to Organize Cleaning Supplies
August 11, 2016

It makes no matter what the size of your house is. Even if you are a happy owner of a huge house with a number of shelves or sideboards, the necessity to put the house in order always appears.

Besides, cooking is a creative process and the result of cooking fully depends on the organization of the kitchen space. We hope that our advices will simplify the process of cooking and cleaning your house.

  1. Get Rid of All Things You Do Not Use

Never keep things you do not use. Just remember one simple rule – if you do not use one thing for more than a year, throw it away. You will not use it in a year too. Clean all closets, drawers and shelves. When you clean a kitchen, do not keep plenty of kitchen supplies there. As the years go by, you gather kitchen equipment. Don’t do it. Leave only plates, pots, cups and other cooking things that you use every day.

  1. Try to Use Vertical Space More

If there are things, you can hang on the hooks on the wall, do it. It is better to add more shelves than overload horizontal space.

  1. Install A Tension Rod Where It Is Possible

Under the sink, you can install a tension rod and keep there all your spray bottles. An ordinary rod allows you to keep more spray bottles in one place.

  1. Additional Helpers

Cooking a dinner or supper in the kitchen, you will save more time by installing special hanging structures. To keep knives or scissors use magnets. Following this advice, all necessary things will be within reach. You are not made to buy special knife holders that as a rule take much space.

  1. Use A Lazy Susan in Your Storage

In doing so, you will simplify the process of finding all necessary items that you usually keep under the sink. As a rule, we keep plenty of cleaners, but not all of them we use every day. With a lazy Susan, you will free plenty of space under the sink and all necessary cleaners will always be within reach.

  1. Use Cabinet Doors Correctly

Some people do not even guess that cabinet doors can be used not only as doors. On the back side of such doors you can add savvy baskets and keep there everything you need for cleaning the bathroom. Following this advice, you will hide all bathroom cleaners and clear a space. Besides, everyone, who visits your house, will not see the whole amount of cleaners you use on a regular basis.

  1. Hang Brooms

Find the place in your room and hang all brooms after cleaning the house there. In doing so you will keep all brooms in only one place and you will never face the situation when you open the closet and one of the brooms tumbles over again.

So, following all the above-listed advices, you will free plenty of space in your house and all necessary things will always be within easy reach.

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