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10 Most Stylish Ideas for Walk-in Bedroom Closets
10 Most Stylish Ideas for Walk-in Bedroom Closets
August 25, 2016

If you still consider a closet to be an ordinary room where you keep your clothes, you are greatly mistaken. A walk-in bedroom closet is not just a room to store items. In this review, we have gathered 10 tips, allowing you to turn your closet from an ordinary room to a place for relaxation.


  1. Stylish and Bright


The first thing you can do is to paint the walls in your closet room. In doing so, you can turn an ordinary room into a refreshing area. Following this advice, you should know that white colors make the room bright and spacious.


  1. Masculine Style


Such color mix as green, white and rich brown adds a masculine look to the closet room. Besides, you can fix several rods to keep clothes in order and visible. The bold-green wallpapers add a unified look. In case you wish to add a feminine touch, you may use a chic white chandelier.


  1. Clean and Elegant Look


One can also make a walk-in closet an ideal continuation of a bedroom. To do this, you need to use a sliding door, inviting accessories and all clothes should be hidden. In doing so, this room will blend with the adjacent bedroom perfectly.


  1. Boutique Style


Cherry cabinetry, frosted-glass doors and brown color palette – all these features characterize the closet room made in a boutique style. Besides, the usage of the drawers and several hanging rods offer more storage options.


  1. Choosing an Ottoman


This, at first gaze, inconspicuous furniture item can really change the mood. If your walk-in closet is small, an ottoman with internal storage is a smart solution. You can not only keep anything there, but sit as well. Even in huge walk-in closets a correctly chosen ottoman changes the look of the room and serves as an additional space to keep something.


  1. Use Natural Light


When natural light floods the wardrobe, it will be easier to see whether you choose the right color or accessory. If it is possible, create either a window or use a sky light to add some light to the fashion collections.


  1. Floor-to -Ceiling shelving


If you want everything to be visible, you can make use of the floor-to-ceiling shelving. This option adds more functionality to the closet room. It is better to use light colors for the shelves. In doing so, the room will seem to be lighter.


  1. Dramatic Wallpaper


To achieve a dramatic look of your closet room, choose a large-scale pattern wallpaper. A contrast between white cabinetry and bright wallpapers will really add a stylish look to your walk in closet.


  1. Use Mirrors


Hardly you will find a better method to enlarge a space than mirrored closet doors. Besides, mirrored closet doors bring more light and allow you to see the chosen outfit at its finest.


  1.  Grey Tones


In case you do not like bright colors and wish to add an intriguingly luxurious atmosphere, you can make your walk-in closet in grey tones. However, in order not to make it too sad, add more lighting fixtures.

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