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Best Ways to Use Rods and Racks
Best Ways to Use Rods and Racks
August 25, 2016

Designing your closet, you should know that this piece of furniture should be not only stylish and nice, but convenient as well. Everything should be organized in a proper way. Therefore, you always should pay attention to such details as rods and racks. It is evident that the amount of such details in your closet and the right organization of them guarantee the domestic order.

How to Use Rods Correctly?

An integral part of a closet system, which works properly, is hanging storage. Rods are the best method to store all types of clothes, ties, belts and even handbags. During a long period of time, all closets were made with only one rod. It was not convenient.

Nowadays, designers add several adjustable rods fixed at different heights. This solution is not bad, because it allows you to keep all clothes hung and visible.

However, you need more hanging space for short and long items. You need to use one rod for long clothes like dresses or coats and the other one for short items like skirts, suit jackets, etc.

Originally rods were made of wood. However, this material may bow over time. So now, modern companies, designing closets, use rods made of metal (aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, polished brass, etc).

Besides, modern LED rods not only allow you to keep clothes displayed in the closet, but light the space perfectly as well.

How to Use Racks?

If you need to create an easy-access storage, a rack is a key item to do this. In fact, there are plenty of types of such furniture pieces.

A tiered rack is an irreplaceable tool to keep flip flops, sneakers or other kinds of shoes in a mudroom closet.

A glide-out pant rack is the best tool to keep your pants organized and visible. As a rule, this kind of racks should be placed in the bedroom closet.

If you are the owner of a big collection of belts, ordering your closet, don’t forget about such item as a sliding belt rack – an ideal solution to keep belts organized.

To organize your kitchen utensils like plates or cups, you can use a plate rack.

It is also necessary to mention famous hanging racks. You can fix them on the back of a hinged door and keep scarves or hats there. As a rule, such hanging racks are used in a utility closet.

Besides, big families cannot do without a wall-mounted coat racks. Such racks have many hooks that allow the owners to keep outwear accessible.

There are many ways to use rods and racks. Therefore, if you wish to keep all clothing items in its proper place, try to create maximally convenient closets.

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