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10 Things Every Designer Sees First in Your House
10 Things Every Designer Sees First in Your House
August 15, 2016

Designers are very creative people and they pay attention to those things and details, we usually ignore. However, when a designer comes to your house, there are some things they pay attention to first of all.

  1. Whether There are Flowers in the Room

Small accents are of prime importance. As a rule, they can tell everything about the owner of the house. Such, at first gaze inconspicuous touches can make everyone feel like at home in your house. Besides, flowers make a room fresh. You can keep flowers not only in vases on the table. There are special bars for this.

  1. The Amount of Pillows on the Sofa

As a rule, all designers have the same point of view, the more pillows you have, the more comfortable you feel in the room. The drawing room must be convenient for you and your guests. So two sad pillows is not always good.

  1. Small Items

Designers prefer spacy rooms. So, if the room is cluttered with a number of small things, it seems to be smaller. Minimal style is better. Your room will seem to be brighter and the time you spend on cleaning is less.

  1. The Quality of Woodwork

If you prefer wood in the room design, it is surely good. However, if you choose this material, it should be of a proper quality and well-proportioned.

  1. The Arrangement of the Shelves

Reading is always popular. However, the way you keep your books on the shelves can tell everything about the owner of the room. If the books are stacked in piles, it means that such shelves are used as the elements of décor and no one reads books at all.

  1. Who is the Owner of the Room?

The design of the room or the whole house is a very personal thing. Generally, it fully reflects the owners of the room and the character. The amount of family portraits, wish lists, fridge magnets and plenty of other small items can show who lives there.

  1. The Fragrance of the Room

In fact, this is the first thing designers notice. As a rule, a powerful diffuser is a confirmation of the fact that the owner either likes sharp aromas or wants to hide something.

  1. The Amount of Bathroom Supplies

You also cannot hide the amount of bathroom supplies in this room. The hygiene is of prime importance, so don’t clutter your bathroom with a number of bottles you do not use on a regular basis. Leave there a fresh and clean towel, hand soap and some other things you use every day.

  1. Where the Furniture Can Go

All designers are very creative and when they visit their friends or clients, first, they think how they could arrange their personal furniture in the house of the friend.

  1.  If the Sofa Stands Against the Wall

Generally, such position of the sofa in a big room drives crazy every designer. They don’t like such location of this piece of furniture in the room.

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