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A Glamorous Black and White Dressing Room
A Glamorous Black and White Dressing Room
September 21, 2016

If you can afford to have a dressing room, you know the significance of this space for you. First, you spend lots of time exactly in this particular room. You select your outfit for the next day here, keep your collections of clothing items and sometimes even put on makeup in this room. So, the color palette of this room is crucially important because it influences your mood.

We frequently select bright colors to decorate dressing rooms, but in the future, you will be tired of this color mix and will have a desire to change the color palette into something more restrained. If you belong to this category of people, you can select black and white color palette for your dressing room. This color scheme is always in vogue.

You can ask a designer to create a glamorous black and white dressing room and you will be satisfied with the result. However, the main rule is not to go a bridge too far – this is about black color. Otherwise, your dressing room will be very dark and gloomy. Accentuate black accessories like candlesticks, photo frames or pillows. Furniture items should be white. In doing so, your room will always have enough light. You can also choose a white carpet, which will add coziness to this room.

Besides, for your closet, select sleek sliding doors of black color to add some style. Sliding doors are more convenient to use and look more stylish.

Furthermore, one of the greatest advantages of a black and white dressing room is that this color palette fits to both men and women. It is also possible to separate this room and everyone will have its own space. Such color palette is stylish, glamorous and doesn’t irritate you (as compared to the bright color palette).

A glamorous black and white dressing room can be a good solution for those families, who still argue about the scale of colors in their dressing room and cannot come to a common decision.


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