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Our Solutions for Customers: SUPREME ELEGANCE LINE
Our Solutions for Customers: SUPREME ELEGANCE LINE
September 20, 2016

This is our most exquisite line that offers a premium style for those who demand the very best. The Supreme Elegance system is a floor-to-ceiling closet that, besides maximizing space and providing functional storage, turns the organization of your closet into art and creation of a masterpiece.

While we don't all have large dressing rooms and boutique-sized closets, it doesn’t mean we can't transfer the same sense of luxury into smaller spaces. With our selection of hardware, accessories and plenty of color and style options to choose from, you can have a closet that rivals your favorite celebrity space!

Personalizing your closet with accessories and elements that enhance your style, adding pattern, color, and texture gives the space a glamorous, boutique, high-end feeling. The elaborate hardware is the jewelry of your space -- the perfect finishing touch that makes for a very elegant and luxurious look. We offer lots of ways to customize your closet design, and Closet Solutions experts will help you select from a great variety of finishes, moldings and embellishments to create a unique closet with personality and a luxurious flair.

 Supreme Elegance Line Features:

  • Depth up to 24";
  • High-quality painted finishes;
  • Undermount soft-close drawers;
  • Handles or Knobs from Stock collection;
  • Floor-to-ceiling construction with toe-kicks;
  • Backless design;
  • Side-fillers;
  • Crown molding ;
  • Custom doors and flutes.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Full selection of colors and accessories;
  • Special order handles or knobs;
  • Floor-mount construction with baseboards;
  • Enclosed Back Panels;
  • Fluted side fillers;
  • Glass shelves;
  • LED lighting to highlight featured pieces or collectibles.
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