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Decorating Ideas for Above the Fireplace
Decorating Ideas for Above the Fireplace
October 03, 2016


If you have a fireplace in your living room, you will surely face the question like how to decorate it. In fact, everything depends on the style of the whole room. However, it is always possible to make a fireplace unique and original. Follow our recommendations and your fireplace will not only warm you during a cold day but will gladden you as well.

  1. Antique Fireplace Mantel

If you wish to add the 19th-century relic to your fireplace, you can use this idea. This is an excellent idea for the living room, made in a country style. 

  1. Elegant Fireplace

This is a comfortable and at the same time elegant idea for your living room. At first gaze, this is a traditional fireplace mantel of white color, which will be an ideal solution for a living room.

  1. Asymmetrical Fireplace

Sometimes asymmetrical arrangements can be very interesting and intimidating. This solution is able to add a calm balance to a room design n. Besides, if you don’t like cluttered spaces, this type of fireplace is what you really need.

  1. Dark Fireplace Mantel for a Family Room

This idea will be suitable for those who have no desire to draw attention to their fireplace. In a combination with dark color of the walls, the fireplace will just fade into the room decor. If you wish to draw attention to a fireplace, choose the bright colors of the wallpaper.

  1. Symmetrical Fireplace  

This fireplace mantel is neutral and can be implemented with almost any design idea. Besides, due to the scones above the mantel, the fireplace looks elegant and symmetric.

  1. Accommodating Fireplace

When a fireplace is not in use, this will serve as an additional seating. However, this fireplace should be large-sized. It is outfitted with the custom cushions for seating.

  1. Guest Suite Fireplace   

This fireplace will be a cozy spot to meet guests in your house. At first gaze, it seems to be unimposing, but due to the combination of neutral colors and simple design of a fireplace, it seems to be awesome.

  1. Stylish Fireplace

This idea will be suitable for those who like modern tendencies and prefer a minimalist room design.      

  1.   Show Off Your Trophies  

A trophy head is a common adornment for the zone above the fireplace. This idea is perfect for those who wish to demonstrate the medals or family photos. This will be a chic addition to a room design.

  1.  Hang a Mirror

This is one of the best tips to decorate the fireplace. However, to make the look more attractive, opt for baroque gilt Italian frame (you can also choose some other frame designs). By doing so, the look of the zone above the fireplace will be chic.


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