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How Accessories Can Make or Break a Room
How Accessories Can Make or Break a Room
August 18, 2016

Accessories play a decisive role in the room design. You can spend some time on experimenting with positioning picture frames, vases or some other home accessories and see that some of them can either make or break the room.

Everyone of us has frames in the house. As a rule, we put our family photos there. In these latter days, there is a good choice of frames and it is crucially important to select the one, which will complement the design of the room. However, many of us make mistakes when picking out the right frame for a room. For instance, if you are the owner of a small room, selecting a huge frame, you will make the room look smaller.

Correctly chosen candelabras can also either make or break the room. As a rule, big candelabras are good for spacious rooms. Besides, such candelabras are associated with special occasions. Furthermore, an everyday home environment can be complemented with correctly chosen candelabra. However, never select huge candelabra if your kitchen is too small. Choosing candles for the candelabra, prefer multicolored ones, because they can make for an eccentric way to brighten the room.

It stands to mention that mirrors are considered to be the most powerful tools in decorating the room. Mirrors are the best tools to make a space larger. To increase the light in the room, place a mirror towards a bright window.

The themed sugar bowls can also draw attention. Choosing them, pay attention to the size of your coffee table. Big table pieces take up a lot of room. So, bear in mind this rule, choosing them. Besides, the effectiveness fully depends on the look and style of the teapot. The modern market offers shapes, styles or sizes.

If you prefer various knick knacks, you can select one or two cut out or floral printed trays for them. However, in order not to clutter your room or not to break it, use no more than one or two trays per one room.

As an attractive focal point, you can use blooms. Besides, it makes no matter whether they are natural or fake. Larger flowers are used as focal points for the decoration of the room. Small blooms can not only fragrance the room but add a touch of spring to it as well.

As you see, accessories are really powerful things. So, if to use them correctly you can either break or make your room. Furthermore, you can change the design of the room and there is no need to make a total renovation of the apartments.

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