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How to Protect Your Furniture from the Cat’s Claws
How to Protect Your Furniture from the Cat’s Claws
August 08, 2016

Taking a cat to your house, you risk having all your furniture scratched. For real lovers of cats or dogs it is not a problem because as a rule, they know about all consequences and don’t care about the state of their furniture. However, as the years go by, your table or chair legs, sofas or armchairs turn into lacerated pieces of furniture or become scratched. So, let’s analyze, why cats like this procedure and instead of being a part of home décor and loving their kind parents, they constantly scratch furniture.

Scientists proved the fact that they act like this not only because they wish to take vengeance on for bad food quality or absence of attention. This is their natural habit and we just have to put up with it.

Before cats started living in flats as beloved pets, they were made to hunt in order to get their dinner or supper. To do this effectively they were obliged to keep their claws very sharp. Besides, they defended themselves from other animals. That is why they scratched rough surfaces. Though modern cats are more lucky and are not made to think about the way where to get some food, this habit stayed with them. Besides, if they experience some stress or just stretch their back, they start scratching our furniture. As a rule, they select several pieces of furniture they like in the flat or house and go there to “relieve stress”.

Luckily, nowadays there is a way out (however, it doesn’t guarantee that all your furniture will be left unscathed). First, you may buy a scratching post or mat and learn your pet to sharp their claws there. However, it doesn’t mean that your pet will love it. The modern market offers a big choice of scratching posts, probably you will select the one, which will be appreciated by your beloved kitten.

There is one more method, allowing you to keep a good look of your furniture as long as possible. In specialized stores, you can find materials like sticky tape or aluminum foil that your pets will not like. You can cover furniture with these materials. In some instances this method also works. However, if you bring a cat or dog into your house, you should be ready that sooner or later something will be scratched. Everything depends on the breed and the character of the animal, which differs greatly.

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