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Ideas for a Perfect Bedroom for Tweens
Ideas for a Perfect Bedroom for Tweens
October 04, 2016

Looking for interesting teen bedroom decorating ideas? We gathered a very interesting material for those happy parents who bring up tweens. Each parent, designing a bedroom for their tweens should see the room through the perspective of their kids. Very often tweens and adults have an absolutely different view of a bedroom design. So, if you wish to please your teenagers, you should hear their desires.

  As a rule, teenagers used to express themselves through their hobbies. So, when you work on the design of their bedroom, you should take into consideration the fact that the room for a teenager is a place where      they express who they are. The majority of modern teenagers are aware of innovations in the modern design. However, all of them are not adults yet and they have their favorite toys or some collections they don’t  wish to throw away. So, working on this project, one should combine modern tendencies with favorite things of their kids.

  In case, you have no idea what to choose, you are always free to defer to the services of – a reputable Canadian company, able to design, project and install storage systems.


There are several ideas for designing bedrooms for tweens. They are as follows:


  • A Multi-Purpose Room. This is more than just a room to sleep there. A room should comply with the demands of a teenager. They hang out, study and rest in this room. So, the bedroom should correspond to all these requirements. Working with a designer, mention that you need to combine all these three aspects in one room.  
  • Choose Bright Wallpapers. As a rule, adults prefer calm colors and always wish to color the walls in a bedroom for children to their taste. However, tweens prefer bright colors. Generally, walls are the biggest area you can work in a bedroom. So, choosing wallpapers, you may use the following ideas:
  1. A custom printed wall treatment;
  2. Graffiti wall treatment;
  3. Bright and vibrantly colored wallpapers;
  4. Removable wall decals.
  • Fun Bedroom Ideas. Generally, tweens like bedrooms that can be a signature of who they are. Making the bedroom brighter, you can use the following fun bedroom ideas:
  1. A hanging bed;
  2. A round bed;
  3. A creative swing;
  4. A chalkboard wall. 
  • Storage. Frequently, tweens are not greatly concerned over the question of storage options. Their parents should do it for them. So, here are the most significant storage items:
  1. Dressers;
  2. Under-the-bed Storage bins;
  3. A cabinet wall;
  4. Shelving;
  5. Storage ottomans.

You can always defer to the services of and consult specialists concerning the storage solutions. Besides, this company can design and install various storage options that can meet the demands of children and their parents. 

As you see, if handled properly, one can design an awesome bedroom for tweens. Besides, this room will be not only a sleeping place, but the place where tweens can meet friends and study.


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