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Ideas for organizing your bedroom closet
Ideas for organizing your bedroom closet
July 07, 2016

Your bedroom closet is worth special attention because the way it looks and functions sets the mood for your most personal room – and for the entire day as you are getting dressed in the morning. There’s a big difference when your day (or your party night) begins not with hectic rummaging in your closet and finding something hardly suitable, but by looking at a beautifully organized space with neatly displayed outfits and accessories. So the fact that an organized closet looks great may be viewed not just as a nice bonus, but as an essential feature with an inspiring, relaxing, stress-liberating and life-changing potential.

Space Stories

As for space in their bedroom, most people don’t believe they have enough. However, your bedroom closet can actually make the room seem more spacious, light and airy when it echoes the tone and style of the bedroom, or when its design includes integrated lighting, mirrors, glass door inserts. A white, wooden storage system can add that refreshing, welcoming touch and serve as a lovely backdrop for a colorful wardrobe.

Off the Hinges!

If you have a traditional reach-in closet with hinged doors that, when fully opened, only expose half of the closet, making it hard to see or reach what’s in there, it’s time for a change. The simplest way is removing these or replacing them with curtains or hanging screens, but you can also have beautiful sliding doors designed both as a functional and decorative element that instantly makes your closet and your bedroom go from drab to fab!

Divide and Rule

Use vertical space and any awkward corner space to the fullest with closet solutions created by a custom closet design company to fit your needs precisely. Closet Solutions offers a variety of smart storage options that make it a real delight to realize you actually have more space than you ever thought. Combine different storage units that serve a variety of purposes: drawers, tiered rods, open or closed shelving, pull-out racks, bins, boxes, baskets and hampers. Keep underwear, accessories or folded clothing items neat and efficiently organized with shelf and drawer dividers. Store most frequently or daily used items in a grab-and-go eye level zone, less-used items below and least-used or off-season items up top.

Think Outside the Closet

Another way to make the most of your bedroom closet space is thinking of what can go outside the closet to be stored elsewhere in the house – in boxes or pull-out drawers under the bed, inside decorative baskets, ottomans or even stacked suitcases. This is a great idea for out-of-season clothes or shoes, extra linens or towels, bulky blankets or sweaters and items you generally rarely use.

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