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Storage Ideas for Small Closets
Storage Ideas for Small Closets
July 06, 2016

When it comes to space for storing your personal belongings, how small is really small? The answer is likely to differ from individual to individual, but for a professional there’s hardly such a thing as ‘too small’. Less space just means more of an organizing and creativity challenge to closet designers in order to help you make the most of what’s available. The less closet space you have, the greater organizational efficiency it demands if you want it to meet your storage needs and have a mess-free look. That’s why it makes sense to consult a professional if your closet seems too small to hold what you own. Regardless of its actual size, it needs smarter or more varied organizing elements, and carving out extra space where it is left unused. Closet Solutions, a custom closet design company, offers a variety of solutions to bring out the true potential of any small closet.

Lengths and Heights

Gorgeous walk-in closets with islands and seating areas may be a movie-like luxury that few people can afford, but having a closet with multiple adjustable rods mounted at different heights is an affordable option that can help anyone maximize closet space and efficiency. This allows creating a hanging space for longer items like dresses or coats, and several areas of hanging space for short items such as skirts, folded pants, shirts or blouses.

Pull-out Racks

It is great to have a closet large enough to display everything you have, so that you don’t forget what you have and buy too many of the same things again. Something tucked into a dark corner is likely to be abandoned there for a long time. However, you don’t really need to see your possessions all at once – you just need to know exactly where they are and access their variety easily. Pull-out racks are perfect for this, and a true wonder for small closets, fitting a lot into a sliver of space. A tie rack to store ties and scarves, a belt rack, a shoe or pant rack – these are just a few basic ideas, but lots of other different items can be stored this way within easy overview and reach.

Floor to ceiling

Going floor to ceiling, if this is possible, gives you additional space to store off-season clothing or accessories above your hanging rods. Just make sure to clearly label the baskets, containers or packages, unless you use clear storage bins that allow you to see what’s inside – for easily finding everything.

 Closet Door

Sometimes a bit of extra space is added when removing the doors of a reach-in closet (which may be replaced with something like curtains). However, if you have to take advantage of every inch, your closet doors may become that much needed extra storage space in your closet when you add hooks, pegs or over-the-door organizers to them. These can be used to store a variety of small items like handbags, scarves, belts, jewelry and other accessories. 

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