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Ideas for your grown kids’ old bedrooms
Ideas for your grown kids’ old bedrooms
July 25, 2016

So, it has finally happened. Your grown kids have left the nest for good. Of course, it is a sad moment and you feel like you already miss them, but that’s life. And to make you feel a little bit better, I’ll tell you some good news: you can have their room all to yourself!

You can turn it into the space for pool table, craft, sports, or storage room. Here are some simple tips on how to do that.

Billiard Room

If you like this game, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to create a home billiard room. But first, you need to check if you have enough space for it. The most commonly used pool tables measure in 44X88 inches. If you add the length of a standard cue, which is 57 inches, the minimal measurements of the room will equal 14X15 feet. If your new space is not big enough, you can use smaller cues and still enjoy billiard at home.

Another important issue you need to consider is the floor. The pool table is a rather heavy thing, so you want to make sure you floor is durable. And don’t forget about accessories. A fridge for beer and a snack bar will make this room a lot more comfortable. 

Home Gym

We all know the main benefits of home gym, but what are the requirements for building it? The experts recommend locating sport rooms in well ventilated spaces with several windows. The minimal area is 8 square meters. In case you have less, you may need to reduce the amount of equipment and carefully consider its location.

Turning the room into gym doesn’t require any reconstruction. You may only need to paint the walls and change floor covering. As for design, you should choose bright colors that will motivate your movement.

Craft Room

Turning the room into your personal space for hobby is always a pleasure. You get to design every detail by your preferences, but there are still a few rules you should keep in mind:

  1. Pick the desk that can accommodate all the necessary equipment;
  2. Arrange the most frequently used tools close at hand;
  3. Think of additional light sources;
  4. Build a sufficient and organized storage area. Its size should depend on your needs and the capacity of the room.

If you have some additional space left, change it into a show room. And don’t forget to get pictures, magazines, vision boards and everything else that inspires you.

Walk-in Closet

Having a storage room has so many advantages. It may even help you get rid of some old closets in other rooms. The best and easiest way to build a well-organized walk-in closet is to have it custom made. Closet Solution is an expert in this area. This company has experience in designing all kinds of storage spaces including Master Closets and Kitchen Pantries. If you want to have your room transformed into the closet, leave this task to the professionals. 

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