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Standard Organizers vs. Custom Closet Solutions
Standard Organizers vs. Custom Closet Solutions
July 22, 2016

When it comes to building a closet room, there’s always a dilemma. It seems so difficult to decide whether to buy ready-made standard organizers or order a custom closet. In this article, we will try to make this choice easier for you. Please find the pros, and cons of both of these solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Closet Organizers

The Price

This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about standard organizers. If they are standard, they need to be cheap. Yes, it’s mostly right, but you pay for the quality you get. It is evident that buying the custom closet is an investment.  If you are not ready to make such an investment, you should purchase standard organizers.

Ability to Use Organizers Immediately

When you buy standard solutions, you don’t need to wait long before their delivery.  Usually, in a day or two after the deal, you’ll get your organizers transported. 

Lots of Models on Offer

The market is full of various models. You can pick up any shape, color, and material, but your choice is still limited. It is a very typical situation when customers are unhappy with one of the criteria, and they need to compromise. For example, you’ve found the wooden drawers, but they don’t fit your space, so you end up buying less of them. 

Ability to Feel Like Designer

I think this is the reason why many customers, especially women, like to pick up standard organizers. They tend to feel like designers. They probably don’t know that when someone orders the custom closet, he/she gets to design even more.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Closets

You Come to Professionals

As the experts in designing custom closets, we can state that when you order a storage system in our company, we make it as convenient as it can only be. Our designers consider all your needs and requirements. You can be actively involved in the designing process or simply inform us about your preferences.

We Use Every Inch of Your Space

The biggest distinction between standard organizers and custom closets is the approach to available space. Only the custom made systems can effectively use every inch of your closet room. If properly made and organized, even the smallest walk-in closet can comprise tons of staff. Unfortunately, standard storage systems cannot use the closet area as efficiently.

You Get the Items that You Want

Unlike standard models on the market, custom closets don’t make you compromise.  You get what you want, in the color, size, shape and texture that you want.

High-Quality Materials

Custom made storage systems are produced with the use of top-quality materials. You get to choose them, and you get the warranty for them.


As was mentioned above, buying the custom closet is an investment. This is the investment in your home, life, and future. The storage systems made by Closet Solutions can serve you for decades. So, if you have an eye for quality and long-lasting things, you’ll appreciate their work.

Summarizing all the above mentioned, we can say that both standard organizers and custom closets have some pros, and cons. If you look for a cheap solution for a few years, you can definitely go for a standard storage system, but if you need a convenient and durable storeroom, order the custom closet.


A must for small living spaces.
Posted by: Amanda | December 13, 2016, 2:49 pm
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