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The Easy Way to Keep Your Closet under Control
The Easy Way to Keep Your Closet under Control
July 21, 2016

We all tend to think that the reason for the mess in our closets is the lack of space. Well, it isn't always this way. Based on me and my friends’ experience, I can state that no matter how big the closet is, it can be difficult to keep it in order.  However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Plus, there are many simple and quick tips one can use to make wardrobe organizing a lot easier.  Today I’m going to share them with you.

1.    Your wardrobe is the space intended only for clothes and accessories.

Yes, it is. So, please get it cleaned from all other stuff like carpet cleaner, your child’s toys, etc. Your wardrobe must be arranged so that you could pick out an outfit in a few minutes.

2.    Get Rid of the Things You Don’t Wear

Another common problem of many ladies is keeping too many old clothes. If you haven’t worn the skirt for a year, the chances are good that you won’t put it on in the next two as well. And if the clothing item is out of style,   do you really want to keep it for another five to ten years hoping that it will become trendy again? The best thing you can do to such clothes is to give them for charity.

3.    Seasonal storage

Update your wardrobe depending on the season. Just put away the clothes that are out of season and place the seasonal items close to hand. The same rule has to be implied to shoes.

4.    Use Storage Bags

Blankets, pillows, and other items that you use extremely rarely can be packed in vacuum storage bags and placed on the highest shelf of your closet. This way they won’t occupy so much space, and you’ll get the room for other things.

5.    Keep Small Items in Boxes

If you don’t have lots of drawers in your closet, but still have many small accessories like belts, gloves, and scarfs, you can use various boxes to store them. They are particularly useful in the compartments with hangers. The boxes can occupy the whole bottom of these departments. Besides, they look elegant and tidy. You can get them in different colors or labeled.

6.    Get Closet Accessories

Another way to store accessories like scarves, belts, and ties is to use specific closet accessories. There are lots of hangers on offer. Some of them are stationary, and others can be pulled out. Depending on your budget, you can pick out some simple or more sophisticated models. The racks can be installed in your closet or on the inside of your closet doors.

7.    Prepare Your Outfit the Night Before

The last but not least aspect of keeping your closet in order is timing. Constant lack of time in the morning may be the reason why you can’t maintain the tidiness of your wardrobe. According to the sales data of Closet Solution Company, which is the leading custom closets manufacturer in Toronto, Canada, one of the most useful and popular closet devices among their customers is valet rod. This simple closet accessory really helps people prepare for work or special occasions.  It is small and practical. Plus, it prevents you from messing your closet, especially in the morning when you are pushed for time.

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