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Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms
Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms
July 19, 2016

We have gathered five most useful storage ideas for small bedrooms:

1. Rise and Organize

If you have a little bedroom, placing a bed on a platform is a splendid idea. You can get extra space for storing small things like socks and flats. However, you can also arrange a full-size alternative to a dresser or closet under your bed as well. The most common drawers built under the platform are divided into sectors. They can be used for storing bed sheets, seasonal clothing or shoes.

2. Get the Perfect Working Zone

If your window-sill is 30-32 inches high from the floor, you can easily use it as a desk. Of course, you’ll need to install the desktop first. You can have it custom made or hand-made from some old table.

Another way to use the space under the window is to place there some storing boxes or drawers. In this case, the window-sill can work as a TV bench. 

3. Release You Floor with Wall-Mounted Nightstands

This is a fantastic solution for those who want to relieve the sleeping area and make it more compact. You don’t have to limit yourself with only one mounted shelf or nightstand. After all, you can hang two, or even three long shelves above and some more on each side of the bed. This way you’ll get additional space for storage, and your small bedroom will still look airy and not too overloaded.

4. Let’s Sit by the Window

A low window-sill can be turned into a perfect place for relaxation or reading your favorite books. It is important to remember that the optimum height from the floor to the window-sill, in this case, should be about 20 inches. And if your bed is located close to the window, the new couch can become its logical extension. Of course, you’ll have to do some renovation, but, in my opinion, it's worth it.

5. Use Furniture with Reserve Storage

In case you have no desire to build the platform and get your window-sill reinstalled, you should think of some furniture with reserve storage. The most suitable items for the small bedroom are obviously a bed and chair. You can find lots of models on offer. However, if you want to choose the most convenient-to-use pieces, pick those which have the largest number of sections. This way you’ll have the minimum of difficult-to-reach drawers.

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