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Murphy Beds: Main Questions You Should Know
Murphy Beds: Main Questions You Should Know
September 22, 2016

A Murphy bed is an integral part of small apartments or a home office. This furniture item is a good space saving solution. People frequently call it as a wall bed or fold-down bed. In this review, we have gathered several questions and answers to them for those who are interested in this furniture item.


  1. What is a Murphy bed?


This is a type of bed, which can be stored vertically against the wall or inside a closet. This is a perfect choice for small rooms – it can serve as a bed for your guests. When you do not use it, just fold it up against the wall and you will create an additional space in the room.


  1. Who is Murphy? Why is the name so strange?


William L. Murphy has invented a Murphy bed in the 19th century. Real-life situation spurred him to create this bed. He lived in a very small flat and was in love with an opera singer. However, at that time a lady couldn’t enter a gentleman’s bedroom. So, he created this bed and in doing so, transformed his bedroom into a drawing room.


  1. Are Murphy Beds Really Comfortable?


Having looked through customer’s testimonials, we can say that these beds are very comfortable. You can select your own mattress. In doing so, you can customize this bed according to your requirements.


  1. Is It Difficult to Raise and Lower a Murphy Bed?


In fact, such beds are easy to use. Everything depends on the type of legs you choose. If you select tubular steel legs and spring-loaded aluminum frame, you will fold it up without undue effort.

  1. Where to Install a Murphy Bed?


Only your individual needs can help you answer this question. If your apartments are too small and you live alone, you can select a small bed and put it in your living room. Besides, you can put it in the room you use as your office. Generally, companies that price Murphy beds can offer you a variety of solutions that can accommodate various needs.


  1. How to Make the Right Choice: a Standard or Side-Tilt Murphy Bed?


Your choice fully depends on the size of the room where you plan to put this bed, your needs and pace of living. A side-title bed is a good choice for those who look for the way to optimize limited space. A standard bed is stored vertically and gives the room a traditional bedroom look. In any case, you can always discuss this question with a designer.


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