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Take Your Morning Routine to the Next Level with the Best Walk-in Closet Organizers in Toronto
Take Your Morning Routine to the Next Level with the Best Walk-in Closet Organizers in Toronto
March 21, 2018

Customized details, beautiful colour and style as well as sufficient storage space take an ordinary walk-in closet to the next level. With the help of professional walk-in closet organizers in Toronto, you can restore order, free up space and create a beautiful closet. At Closet Solutions, we know more than a few ways of making this happen!


We can start by maximizing the height of your closet, using a double-rod organizer where you can hang more clothes. This way you can reserve the shelves for folded items such as sweaters and t-shirts that don’t need to be hanged.


Whether you are building your dream home or are finally doing that reno you’ve always wanted, you can get it just right, at budget and on time with the right walk-in closet organizers in Toronto.


Storing options for shoes

Well-sorted and easily accessible shoes are a must for a good morning routine. Cubbies are great for flats and flip-flops while tall boots can be placed atop high shelves when not in use or on the floor when worn more often. Acrylic shoe boxes are perfect, as they are transparent and can be stacked either on the shelves or the floor. You can also opt for over the door and hanging shoe organizers that can free up floor space.


Organizing accessories

Since accessories come in all sizes and shapes, a more personalized storage system/ Drawers and organizers are the best to keep jewelry. Customized hooks and hangers are the best place for your purses, while shoe cubbies also work perfectly for your small clutches. If your walk-in closet serves as your dressing area as well, you can have a mirror, proper lighting and compartments to store accessories and a jewelry box.


Complete with a lighting system

In planning a closet makeover, good lighting is an important feature that can be overlooked. We suggest a custom solution like a ceiling-mount light to provide extra illumination. Other lighting options can include lamps and accent lights


At Closet Solution, we know what it takes to stand out as walk-in closet organizers in Toronto, a city where the standard is very high. Give us a call or come by and visit us today to learn how we can help you make that dream walk-in closet a reality!

I cant believe the transformation in my walk in - never want to leave it again!
Posted by: Brit | April 20, 2018, 4:03 pm
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